TLS-350 Series

TLS-350 Series

Optimal risk management and environmental protection for the whole forecourt
Cover all aspects of loss using leak sensor monitoring, automatic reconciliation of fuel throughput and identification of variance components of temperature delivery.

Protect pressure lines by testing to precision levels as the site operates, with STP shutdown for leaks, water detection and dry-run conditions.

Automatic calibration provides highest quality data for wet stock analysis
AccuChart patented technology adjusts for multiple tank calibration variables to provide the best-fit tank model for superior performance, ensuring high quality data as a firm foundation for the most accurate and reliable inventory control and loss analysis.

Automatic reconciliation features identify causes of variance for quick resolution and save you money
Removes many of the traditional uncertainties associated with wet stock loss analysis, allowing operators to quickly comprehend the effects of delivery, temperature and other variances and understand the critical areas on which to focus efforts for maximum advantage.

Test pressure lines after every dispense with programmable STP shutdown
With electronic line leak detection, pressure systems are automatically tested after every dispense, with optional third-party certified precision testing options to 0.38 litres per hour. STP shutdown can be programmed for detected line leaks, water presence or low fuel levels.

Continuous inventory monitoring
Know what's going on in your petrol, diesel, LPG and AdBlue tanks around the clock without the inconvenience and uncertainty of manual dipping.

Leak sensor monitoring
Detect hydrocarbon leaks early as they occur at critical locations around the forecourt and fuelling system.

Local connectivity
Interface to POS, BOS. PC to automate collection of tank data for additional system reporting. Connect to IFSF LON or LAN.

Remote connectivity
Remotely polled data facilitates control over the whole network for centralised reporting and optimal fuel replenishment process. Expanded connectivity options include GSM or TCP/IP for WAN applications.

Automatic alarms
Critical high & low tank level alarms help to prevent overfills and run-outs. Water detection alerts operators before costly dispensing occurs.

Delivery information
Maintains a historical record of fuel deliveries for each tank and allows push logistics to improve supply chain efficiency.

In-tank leak detection
Ensure your tanks are tight using testing methods third-party certified to 0.38 or 0.76 litres per hour precision, without additional cost, at any time.

Optional continuous testing avoids shutdown.

DIS compatible
Connect to optional Delivery Information System to display tank data to the delivery driver on the forecourt, allowing unattended fuel delivery at any time, even when the station is closed.

Relay outputs / inputs
Activate remote devices such as forecourt overfill alarm sounder or accept third-party system alarm inputs for centralised alarm management.

Probes interface

Up to 6 magnetostrictive probes

Leak Detection

0.38 LPH and 0.76 LPH
Continuous Statistical Leak detection option for continuous 24 hour leak detection

Storage Temperature


-10°C to 45°C (15°F to 118°F)

Operating Temperature


0°C to 45°C (32°F to 118°F)

Tank Monitoring

Up to 16 tanks
Vapour and ground water monitoring up to 40 wells

Sensor Interface


Up to 64 sensors