Payment - VID

Payment - VID

Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) – some times called eFuel, can eliminate the refuelling of unauthorised refuelling. The vehicle contains its own authorisation that is automatically checked and verified when the nozzle of the dispenser is inserted into the fuel tank inlet. If the nozzle is removed and put into another vehicle or into a petrol can, etc., authorisation is not given, the fact is recorded and fuel is not dispensed.

Besides ensuring the correct vehicle is fuelled, AVI provides other benefits including:

  • Tracking consumption & mileage
  • Improved Preventative Vehicle Maintenance
  • Assessing Asset Utilisation

Data from the above enhances fleet management – it highlights excessive fuel consumption, unauthorised use of vehicles - it provides meaningful reports based on correct and automatically captured (and authorised) data e.g. Maintenance Scheduling, Fuel Cost Control, Billing Data, etc.

The Gilbarco Veeder-Root solution provides crucial feedback to the operator as to the state of their transaction for example why the dispensers have not been authorized - Can't authenticate Tag, Host down, Card stopped, Grade restriction, Min odometer distance check, max frequency per day etc…

  • Increase oil company revenue
  • Reduce fleet fuel costs
  • Simplify fueling process
  • Increase fleet vehicle maintenance
  • Pre nozzle "calling" Timer for Vehicle Tag Detection
  • Track 2 Data, Vehicle registration no, Grade restrictions, Engine running hours, Driver ID extracted and applied to authorization process (internal or external). Integration with Forecourt Terminal equipment for additional data capture, receipt printing etc...
  • Refueling exceptions fully covered including, Vehicle Tag communications link break / re-link, new Vehicle Tag detect during sale process, etc...
  • Currently supports ORPAK FuelOMat with full VIU and FuelOPass passive ring
  • On Track Innovation (OTI) FuelMaster: Active and Passive Vehicle mounted and hand-held tags
  • Customer hand held:
    Mifare Contactless Smartcard using Postec Tagging Visual Display (TVD) Mifare Reader/Writer display device
  • Pump mount and/or Forecourt Island Reader mount options
  • Track 2 Data, Vehicle registration no, Grade restrictions, PIN seeds, Service and prompt codes, value blocks
  • Can also be used for Attendant Tagging applications