FuelQuest ForeSite™ SV (Supervisor View)

FuelQuest ForeSite™ SV (Supervisor View) provides real-time, independent visibility into fuel management operations allowing supervisors to monitor and ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of their replenishment plans. ForeSite SV is designed to complement other operations systems, such as fuel management, ERP, order management, and dispatching applications. ForeSite SV ensures the effectiveness of plans created and executed within these systems by providing real-time visibility into multi-site inventories. When unanticipated events such as changes in consumer demand, inclement weather, and poor traffic conditions threaten plan execution, ForeSite SV provides early warning, enabling fuel managers to make necessary corrections ahead of any disruptions. Available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, ForeSite SV reduces run-outs and retains while improving the effectiveness and efficiency of inventory planning and operational processes.

Distributors gain the added benefit of differentiating their service and increasing customer loyalty by offering a private-label branded version of ForeSite SV to their vendor-managed inventory customers. With ForeSite SV, distributors provide their customers with transparency into fuel operations giving them greater service level confidence.


ForeSite SV provides oversight of the accuracy and effectiveness of fuel inventory plans and operations. ForeSite SV gathers critical fuel information from ATGs as well as fuel management, order management, back-office, ERP, and dispatching systems. A rules engine evaluates this information, identifying potential problems with the plan performance. When a problem is detected, it is highlighted along with detailed information about the site, tanks, historical inventory data, weather, and traffic so that supervisors can take corrective action before disruptions to fuel operations occur. Information is organized into a highly intuitive graphical view allowing supervisors to bypass the complexity and detail of source sub-systems.

Key features:

  • Real-Time Supervisory View - Accurate visibility into the performance of fuel replenishment operations
  • Operations Rules - Customizable rules for evaluating inventory status, projected usage, potential retain/run-out events, and plan deviations
  • Inventory Exceptions - Early warning indicators of out of tolerance inventory conditions
  • Supervisor Drill Down - Inventory, order, delivery, and sales data captured via automated polling, scheduled import, or manual entry
  • Customizable Branding - Private-label branding and configuration options for distributors

ForeSite SV is built on the ForeSite Platform, a flexible technology framework that enables rapid deployments, enterprise-level scalability and availability, enhanced security, open integration, and mobile device access. ForeSite SV easily interfaces with FuelQuest Fuel Management System (FMS); third-party order management, back-office, and POS systems; and ERP applications. ForeSite SV is fully internationalized and localizable. ForeSite SV has native support for English, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese, and double-byte languages Chinese and Arabic.

ForeSite SV offers retailers the following benefits:

  • Enables real-time monitoring of replenishment plan execution
  • Reduces runouts and retains
  • Provides early warning of potential disruption to fuel operations from weather, demand swings, traffic, and other unplanned-for circumstances
  • Improves effectiveness of inventory planning and operations.

ForeSite SV offers distributors the following benefits:

  • Offers greater service transparency and competitive differentiation when distributor-branded and offered to vendor-managed inventory customers
  • Enables real-time visibility over multiple customers' sites and supplier terminals
  • Provides early warning of potential disruption to fuel operations from weather, demand swings, traffic, and other unplanned-for circumstances.
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    Convenience stores, grocery stores, service stations, and big box retailers are finding fuel a tough business to achieve and maintain healthy margins. It's so difficult that many convenience stores, for instance, where fuel comprises roughly 70% of its total revenue, focus primarily on in-store profit centers abandoning fuel as a profit driver for the business.

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    Fuel cost volatility is an anathema for private and government fleets striving to meet financial and operational goals. With fuel typically the second highest expense item after headcount, fleet operators face many challenges regaining predictability in their fuel spend.

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    Jobbers strive to provide superior service to their retail customers and minimize costs for improved margin. Manual processes can increase costs unnecessarily and impact supplier and retailer relationships.

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    A sputtering economy, fierce competition, and volatile fuel prices have created a perfect storm for thin profit margins for fuel retailers. With gasoline sales comprising the majority of store revenues, it is clear that margin improvement depends on careful planning and control of fuel inventory.

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