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The TLS-450 is Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s next generation ATG platform solution for total wetstock inventory management. Providing tank capacity for up to 32 probes, the TLS-450 offers total access and forecourt monitoring via any web browser or PC, PDA or smartphone device to securely control and modify configuration, upgrades and diagnostics. Its touch-screen menu navigation streamlines usability with key facts and figures clearly presented, while the updated AccuChart™ system calibrates and syncs tank charts for completely accurate inventory level readings with up to three years of data history.

With automatic reconciliation, the TLS-450 automatically manages your inventory with total clarity on variance sources by quickly comprehending the effects of delivery and other variances. TLS-450 engaged sites will benefit from optimum inventory, better delivery scheduling and reduced risk of outages.

  • Top of the line solution with capacity for up to 32 probes.
  • Enhanced AccuChart™ automatic tank calibration and adjusted delivery for accurate inventory level readings.
  • Continuous inventory, delivery monitoring for petrol, diesel, LPG and AdBlue® tanks.
  • 7.4" grayscale, full VGA/LCD touch screen provides high resolution clear graphical presentation for at-a-glance information.
  • In-tank leak detection ensures tanks are tight using testing methods of in-tank and line leak detection capabilities - 12 LPH, 0.38 LPH and 0.76 LPH.
  • Continuous CSLD testing option avoids tank shutdown.
  • Automatic alarms provide critical high and low tank level warnings to prevent overfills and run-outs and water presence.
  • Remote monitoring allows multiple sites to be managed from a central location.


Probes interface

Up to 32 Mag Plus/Mag-FLEX magnetostrictive probes

Leak detection

12 LPH, 0.38 LPH and 0.76 LPH -
Line leak and in-tank leak detection

Operating temperature

0°C to 45°C (32°F to 118°F)

Tank monitoring

Up to 32 Mag Plus/Mag-FLEX magnetostrictive probes

Sensor interface

Up to 64 sensors

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