New vs. Used Gas Pump

Buy a new or used gas pump? That's the question.

Everyone strives to save a penny wherever they can. However, when starting your research into possibly buying from used fuel pump suppliers, carefully evaluate what’s involved in the long-term value of a pump instead of the immediate savings. You might find that you are actually losing money in the long-run!

In fact, there are additional and important points to consider when purchasing a used fuel pump.  When deliberating on this topic, ask yourself these five questions our experts believe you should explore before making a decision between purchasing a new gas pump versus a used fuel pump:

#1 Does the used fuel pump decal uphold your branding standards?
Though a used fuel pump may already have decal, it may be worn or faded. Displaying a low-quality dispenser can hurt the face-image of your brand. Instead, consider Gilbarco’s reimage kits for Encore® and The Advantage® to display fresh graphics to attract those customers to your c-store.

#2 Is the old or new gas pump EMV Compatible?
Safe transactions play an integral role in your business’s reputation. Ensuring that your customer’s purchases are safer by introducing EMV payment technology allows your customer loyalty. Whether you are looking to buy an old or new gas pump, without EMV payment readers, your c-store faces the risk of attracting more counterfeit fraud. With Gilbarco’s FlexPay™ IV  CRIND, your c-store will not only be safer, but your business will be EMV compliant to avoid those nasty chargeback costs. You don’t even need an entirely new dispenser! You can purchase a retrofit kit regardless of the brand.

#3 Does the used gas pump have genuine parts?
Why is it important to buy genuine parts for Gilbarco Veeder-Root dispensers? Well, third party repair houses use inferior and untested parts from suppliers. Gilbarco’s parts are built with purpose-driven components that are UL-regulated by authorized suppliers. Having equipment that is well-designed, built properly and tested in the proper environmental conditions will increase longevity of your equipment. Therefore, ensure to explore Gilbarco’s Genuine Parts Catalog.

#4 Does the gas pump have a media platform?
Engaging customers through entertainment is a great way to establish repeat customers. Additionally, you will have the ability to place ads on the forecourt digitally that will bring in the 30% of customers that do not enter the c-store. Therefore, when considering a new gas pump, it is important to your business’s growth to also take advantage of upselling opportunities. With Gilbarco Veeder-Root, we offer multiple technologies to help you engage with customers in every turn by offering convenience, entertainment, and a chance to connect with customers through our cutting-edge technology.

#5 Did the used gas pump supplier properly maintain the equipment?
Sometimes it’s easy to conceal problems with used fuel equipment. Not getting the full picture of the condition of your dispenser can prove to be costly in the long-term since you may need to perform frequent service calls, purchase additional spare parts, and waste time waiting for repairs to complete. By getting your equipment with Gilbarco, not only can you get all that you need in one place, but you can be assured that our products are high-quality technology.

Additionally, with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’ service options, you will have remote assistance from our service experts for any problems that may arise. In turn, this will significantly decrease time waiting for a repairman and save your business money from putting your equipment on hold.

If interested …
Learn more about our Gilbarco Veeder-Root gas dispensers that can be easily EMV-compatible, equipped with a drift reducing fuel meter, available with a media platform, and branded for you. 

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