Pay-at-Pump Security

Security Kit For Gas Dispensers
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Worry–free fueling experience with FlexPay™ IV CRIND.

Pump up your security quotient with the industry's best security kits for gas dispensers. Gilbarco's FlexPay™ IV CRINDtampering technology that helps secure your gas pump from theft and fraud.

The FlexPay™ IV CRIND provides the easiest and most integrated solution to prolong the life of your dispensers with payment compliance and a modern and ungraded image. FlexPay™ IV CRIND's fully certified debit, credit card, and EMV capabilities allow customers to pay with ease.

Gilbarco's Applause Media System and Applause TV entertain your customers while keeping them informed of the latest in–store items to maximize in–store lift.

Available factory–installed on your new Encore® 700 S dispensers and as a retrofit to your existing dispensers, your customers can now enjoy the same familiar and intuitive experience everywhere.

Full EMV and PCI PED certification
This system provides a modular approach to EMVterm maintenance costs and improve upgradeability. With the FlexPay™ IV CRIND, you know your site meets all payment security regulations in the United States today.

Enhanced security with anti–tampering techniques
Protect your customer information and payment data at the fueling island—let your customers know it is safe for them to do business with your site.

Works with a variety of dispensers
FlexPay™ IV CRIND is available factory installed on the Gilbarco Encore 700 S dispensers and as a retrofit for the entire Gilbarco entire Gilbarco Encore and The Advantage® lines.

Works with your POS
Proven success across most POS systems


Factory Installed:

  • Standard Option in the Encore 700 S dispenser

Retrofit Kits:

  • Advantage (5.7" color screen)
  • Encore 300 (5.7" and 10.4" color screen)
  • Encore 500 (5.7" and 10.4" color screen)
  • Encore S (5.7" and 10.4" color screen)

Regulatory/Governmental Approvals:

  • EMV–certified
  • PED–certified


  • Color screen – for maximum site profile enhancement
  • Universal Payment Module (UPM) – combines the secure CRIND electronics with the Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP)
  • Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) – capable of reading EMV chip cards and magnetic stripe cards

Upgrade options:

  • Large color screen to maximize media effectiveness
  • Payment peripherals (TRIND, contactless, cash acceptor, etc.)