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Pump TV Advertising

A gas pump TV system is a great way to make the most of your customers idle time at the fuel pump. Not only does it help in attracting more traffic to your c-store, but it also allows you to deliver customized marketing messages that are specific to your fuel pump and forecourt merchandising needs.  

For those who want an affordable, turn-key solution, Applause TV is your best choice for tv advers. Discover how Applause TV gas pump advertising can pay off for you.





Applause™ TV gas station advertising is the easy way to improve your customers’ fueling experience and increase store traffic and profits. It’s a dynamic audio and video experience with high-quality content and on-demand couponing. Move your brand forward with Applause TV, and more importantly, move your customers into your store to shop with unique and compelling gas station tv advertising.

  • Full content management by a professional media company maintains engaging content without requiring retailer resources.
  • Entertainment from more than 25 leading content providers and dynamic audio/video capabilities improves site image and customer loyalty, and increases site and store traffic.
  • Minimum of one store-specific advertisement included in the loop drives sales of key profit-center items and drives trial of new products.
  • On-demand couponing brings the customer into the store instantly.
  • National and regional advertisements increase likeliness that customer will enter store because of product ads.




Internet Connectivity Requirements:

  • High speed broadband connection required.
  • Ethernet, DSL, Satellite, or cable/modem

Hardware Requirements:

  • Applause™ Media System (server, dispenser connectivity)
  • ”Color Screens



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