Impulse™ Countertop Merchandising

Impulse™ Countertop Merchandising

Increase sales 3-5% using Impulse™ upselling platform*

Reach c-store customers while they're at the register with our innovative Impulse™ Countertop Merchandising platform.

Impulse’s proprietary “affinity engine” makes personal recommendations based on either loyalty club info or on items scanned – it then performs on the fly analytics and displays a suggested product(s) to the customer on the customer-facing touch screen. Additionally it prompts the cashier with the same information and gives another upsell opportunity.

The Hardware

Impulse™ comes with the following components:

  1. Customer-Facing Screen
  2. Cashier-Facing Screen
  3. Pole Mount
  4. Mini-Merge Box

Take Control of Your Promotional Calendar

  • Direct all screen content
  • Control what your c-store customers see
  • Configure manual promotions and promotional messaging via Insite360™ Passport®


Improve Profitability of Your Stores

  • Experience 3 – 5% sales increase*
  • Draw your customer’s attention with an eye-level display


Enhance Your POS with Ease

  • Drive promos without extra keying, with flawless POS price book integration
  • Replace the standard customer pole display with a modern, 10.1" All-in-One Unit


Learn from Every Transaction

  • Use the Impulse affinity engine to deliver powerful, same-store market basket analytics to suggest upsell combos
  • Add to basket enhances ease of check out and speed of transaction


Build Brand Loyalty

  • House your store coffee and fountain campaigns in the Impulse software, via the digital punch card feature
  • Use post-transaction surveys to gain real-time customer feedback
  • Engage your customers with interactive gaming

*Individual site results may vary.