L2 EV Charger: Amps2Go Series 6

Simple, Reliable Level 2 Charging

The Amps2Go Series 6 Level 2 charger is one of the latest additions to Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s portfolio of EV chargers. With its sleek, durable aluminum construction, the Amps2Go Series 6 enables fleet managers, commercial property owners, and other customers to reliably power EVs to run on-time, all the time.

Unlike other solutions, the Amps2Go Series 6 arrives ready-to-charge following a straightforward installation process. With a variety of layout configurations to fit any space, you’re empowered to electrify quickly, seamlessly, an in an easy-to-understand way.

  •   Rugged— Aluminum construction and NEMA 3R certified for operation in harsh environments
  •   Flexible— Dual and single port options, along with pedestal, wall, and pole mount configurations
  •   Seamless Integration— Add the EKOS software platform to manage EV charging alongside traditional fueling or explore additional network options for hosting public charging

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Powerful, Dependable Level 2 Charging

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A sleek Level 2 charger that adapts to your needs

The Amps2Go Series 6 Level 2 charger is well-equipped to power traditional fleets and customers offering public Level 2 charging.

Its sturdy construction and customizable layout options make it a highly adaptable solution, capable of providing Level 2 charging to meet numerous use-cases.

The included one year full-replacement warranty further reinforces the dependability of the Amps2Go Series 6, making it an all-around top pick for fleet managers and other interested in electrification.

Seamless Integration

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Simplify your transition to EVs

When paired with the EKOS software platform, fleet managers can supervise EV charging with Gilbarco’s EV chargers alongside fueling operations for traditionally-powered vehicles.

This unique combination helps fleet managers integrate EV charging with their operations in a straightforward, easy-to-understand way.

There are additional network software options available for those wishing to provide public Level 2 charging to EV drivers.

Easy Installation

Straightforward setup for a quick electrification transition

The Amps2Go Series 6 arrives pre-authorized, meaning that after a short installation process, the charger is ready to deliver power to EVs.

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EV Chargers for NCPA Members

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has been awarded a contract with the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance. Our team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive, integrated electrification solutions to customers of all types.



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