Insite360 Impulse

  • Data Driven upselling Platform- our screens are placed at the POS – one screen faces the customer and the other screen faces the cashier.

  • Impulse is an add on to the POS to create and provide a meaningful customer centric experience

  • Impulse integrates with your pricebook whereby analyzing each transaction taking place and delivering the right message at the right time to each and every customer .

  • Increase your in-store sales by up to 6 %
  • Support loyalty by using the Impulse punch card programs and  gain repeat visits
  • Survey questions to gain customer feedback
  • Donations in which customers can donate a specific amount to a selected fund
  • Gaming whereby enticing the customers to interact with the screen creating an increase in customer satisfaction leading to return visits 
  • Have a consistent, smart transactional upselling tool, 24/7
  • Establish a new revenue stream by selling airtime to selected vendors
  • Create a unique and engaging customer experience

So, what makes Impulse so smart?

  • Transaction driven
  • Self learning
  • Location specific
  • Automatically translates the price book into visual promotions
  • Flexible and configurable

Manage your data on our Insite360 Impulse dashboard to self manage and control the platform:

  • Monitor sites in real time
  • Compose manual promotions
  • Create survey questions
  • Retrieve reports in real time
  • Create digital punch card campaigns and games
  • Create and edit branding