CEM Head Office is a product designed to maximize the fuel sales and inventory data generated by your stations, all from one central location. The CEM Head Office hub is a has very user friendly interface, with a web-based architecture that requires very little training, giving you all your information in just a few clicks. Once it is set up, it gives you access to sales information, inventory and tank alarms entered either manually or automatically* (requires the TLS 450 Console).

CEM Head Office can receive information and expand configurations as your business grows.

  • Send information to the hub.
  • Send information to different sites.
  • Get to know your customer´s consumption trends.
  • Anticipate your fueling needs.
  • Minimize risks.
  • Get to know your price management.
  • Reliable and safe information.
  • Access from anyplace.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • Consistent sales data, fuel inventory, alarms and events of the forecourt.
  • Allows for Corrective action immediately.
  • Eliminates manual operations (rodding, etc).
  • Stock Measurement Accuracy.
  • Control fuelling.
  • Control pumps and capture electronic totalizers data
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Overfill Alarm
  • Product amount Alarms.
  • Leak tests.
  • Keep compliance regulations, protecting the environment through Veeder-Root consoles.
  • Control leak alarms.
  • Leak tests.
  • Give you standard, centralized and immediate action for contingencies.
  • Leak detection reconciliation.
  • Historical analysis to identify high-risk stations.
  • Automated Replenishment

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