CEM44® is the fuel station tracking control solution, developed to give you the best profitability rates to the fueling process. Our controller was designed under the highest security standards making it totally safe, avoiding potential fraud or differences in daily reconciliation. CEM44® is the link between pumps, point of sale systems, fuel tanks and floating systems.

Among its advantages:

  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Dispenser control and electronic totalizer captures.
  • Reports sales live, and latest sales per dispenser.
  • Allows integration with certified POS systems (contact us for further information).
  • CEM44® facilitates daily and monthly shift closure management.
  • User Friendly Interface made for easy access.
  • Apply price changes immediately.
  • Operates all major brands of pumps in the market, it doesn´t require the use other interfaces.
  • Lets you know POS sales, instantly displaying reports.
  • Gives you greater control of your forecourt, with automatic shift closures, avoiding manual data readings.
  • Avoid changing prices pump by pump, make programmable or automatic price changes.
  • Check product sales of other businesses by reconciling your fuel station inventories. * Requires CEM Head Office and Telemetry.

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