Insite360 Business


An innovative web and mobile platform to remotely control and improve your business.

  • Realtime data anywhere, anytime via a mobile app
  • Clear view of business performance in a easy-to-use dashboard
  • Easy to set goals and target KPIs to track business performance
  • Split data by payment type, service taken, grade, in-store or pay at pump
  • Anti-fraud alerts
  • Forecasting tools to build better business

Drive your business, anytime, anywhere.

Benefits include:

  • Real time massive data flows from site to Gilbarco Veeder-Root cloud
  • Infrastructure capabilities and data elaboration
  • Unique vendor "know how"
  • Predictive maintenance through analysis of trends and events identifying future problems

The main features include:

  • Totals by payment
  • By grade or operating mode
  • Sales forecasting vs target
  • Anti-fraud alerts
  • Business KPIs