TLS 300

Automatic inventory control eliminating manual gauging
Available in real time for all vessels Stocks, eliminating manual gauging and uncertainties of these measures, which also promotes the health and safety of employees while allowing more time for productive activities. 

Accurate inventory data available on site and remote management centers
Accurate and reliable measures eliminating uncertainties inventory control and helping to remove the causes of variation before they become serious problems.

Access to inventory data from several remote sites, enabling efficient management network.

Leakage sensors for better environmental protection
Improve devices environmental protection on sensitive sites by actively monitoring the leakage of fuel tanks at single or double wall, pumps and piping to leaks immdiately to minimize the cost of cleaning.

Check the tightness without decommissioning vessels
Continues Leak Detection (CSLD) to perform tests to 0.76 liters per hour without decommissioning of vessels (ideal for busy sites).

TLS 300 also detects leaks in suction piping systems.

Effective risk management ensuring uninterrupted service round the clock. Lets identify faulty valves in the pumps.

Monitoring inventory
Night and day, follow closely the situation of your fuel tanks, diesel, LPG and AdBlue avoiding the drawbacks and inaccuracies of manual measurements with the rules.

Monitoring leakage sensors 
Immediate detection leaks of hydrocarbons in service stations and pumps.

Local Connectivity
Interface with POS terminals, administrative system. Ability to use a PC to automate the data collection tanks an generate reports. Connecting to ordinary local o remote network IFSF

Connectivity remote 
Data collection system to facilitate remote control over a WAN, to generate centralized reports and optimize the process of refueling. GSM or TCP / IP options. 

Automatic alarms
Alarms level is too low or too high, helping to prevent stock shortages and overfilling. Alerts water detection alerting operators before the onset of costly problems. 

Shipping Information
Maintains records on deliveries of fuel from each tank, helps to strengthen the logistics to improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

Detecting leaks in tanks 
Constantly check the tightness of thanks through standardized to 0.38 or 0.76 liters per hour at no extra cost tests.

Compatibility with system delivery information
Able to connect to an information delivery system in order to make fuel deliveries unattended at any time, even when the station is closed.

Inputs / Outputs Relay
Activation of remote devices, including excessive alarm trigger filling and acceptance of alarm systems from other manufacturers enabling centralized management of alarms.

Interface probes
Up to 8 probes magnétorestrictives
Certification leak detection 0.38 or 0.76 l/h
with improved detection software continues statistical leakage modules. 
Storage temperature range  10°C to 45°C
Range of operating temperatures

0°C to 45°C

Monitoring vessels
Up to 8 tanks
Sensor Interface
Up to 8 sensors