EMR3 Electronic Meter Register

The EMR3 is Veeder-Root’s Electronic Meter Register designed to offer a best in class end-user experience. Customisable and affordably configured to fit a wide variety of mobile and fixed base applications.

Quality built in

  • Built by Veeder-Root’s product team using feedback from meter-register customers around the world.
  • Customers have consistently rated the display as the best in the industry. The nitrogen filled, anti-fog backlit display shows four individual data fields simultaneously.

Customisable to applications

  • The core components (Register Head and Interconnect Box) together with a series of accessories allow the user to configure a system unique to their application.
  • Adapts to fit all meters.


  • Included with three communications ports providing connectivity to Delivery Ticket Printers, I.B.Net and other auxiliary devices.
  • Able to communicate with a wide variety of data capture devices.

Best in class design

  • All weather backlit single screen display.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs.
  • Open protocol for interfacing into other intelligent devices.
  • Non-volatile memory continuously stores the last 200 transactions.
  • Weights and measures approved in most countries.
  • ATEX and UL approved.

Full system customisation

  • Multiple language capability.
  • Customised screen/text labels.
  • Volume and currency pre-set deliveries.
  • Temperature compensated deliveries.
  • Multiple product deliveries including different product calibrations.
  • Programming and set-up software.
  • Customised start-up screen.
  • Choice of three methods of flow meter calibration.
  • De-fuel and de-fueling presets.
  • Remote stop/start.
  • Dual register head simultaneous operation.
  • IB network with up to 16 IB units, allowing up to 32 registers (flow meters).
  • Fully functional remote display and control unit.

Flexible Reporting

  • Fully customisable delivery tickets.
  • Shift report printing.
  • Choice of up to 15 tier price/tax/discounts on the printouts.
  • Itemised multiple delivery reports — per tank.


  • System power: 12 or 24 Vdc, +/- 2-%, 3A nominal, fused @ 5A.
  • Operating temperature range: -25C to +70C (-45F to +158F).
  • Product dispensing precision: to 0.2% of the proving volume at 15.6C (60F).


  • Pulsar capacity: 0 – 1000H.
  • Temperature compensation range: -50C to +70C (-45F to 158F).
  • Solenoid relays: Two relay contacts per display head at 5A.


  • ATEX and UL approved.
  • Weights and measures: Worldwide approval inc. OIML, W&M, French, NCWM.