RTC Sessions & Agenda



48 Hour Innovation Challenge 
A team of expert engineers tackle a real-world problem chosen by the conference attendees. You’ll be able to track the team’s progress and provide real-time feedback as they go. Along the way, we’ll review topics including Jobs-to-be-Done theory, Lean Product Definition, and other tools that you can apply to your own business. 

Cloud POS- How it fits our Industry
What are the opportunities for cloud-based solutions in the complex world of Convenience Retail?   

The Passport Suite of Products
Provide an Industry Update and Review for all aspects of Passport Solution 

Let Machines do the Thinking: Using Artificial Intelligence in C-Stores  
Learn how Artificial Intelligence engines like IBM Watson and others can help retailers improve operations and customer loyalty. 

Using Technology To Optimize Your Fuel Supply Chain
​​​​​​​The supply chain from rack to cash involves many processes, including inventory management, best buy, dispatch and fleet management, delivery reconciliation, billing and inventory loss management. This session will include a case study of how wholesalers and retailers are using automation to improve their operating costs, compliance tracking, and fuel inventory management.


Tobacco Rebates: How to optimize your rewards program  
Discussion with experts on tobacco loyalty rewards incentives and what’s next. 

Moyalty – Merging of Mobile Payment and Loyalty Solutions at your C-Store
Discuss the programs, partners, and trends coming with the adoption of Conexxus 2.0. 

The Evolution of Forecourt Merchandising   
In an increasingly challenging marketing environment, learn how to best use your customers’ time at the pump to drive increased loyalty, broadcast your brand image, and move more traffic into your store. 

Passport Power Boost: How to Maximize Your POS System
Think you know everything there is to know about your POS system? Think again! Our POS experts unveil the insider tips and tricks to shift your operation into high gear!  

Fueling the Future: Electric Vehicle Chargers on the Forecourt 
Retail fuel sites and C-stores have major advantages when it comes to EV charging, but they need to act NOW! Our experts break down different business models and strategies to help you add this rapidly growing technology to your forecourt. 

Delivering Deeper Customer Insights
Join Irisys, a leader in people tracking technologies, as they discuss solutions to better understand customer behavior at your stores.


Payment Security and Future Payment Methods  
Join payment experts from Gilbarco and Visa as they delve into emerging payment trends, evolving global payment technologies, and the most secure payment methods to protect your customers’ valuable information.

Frictionless Payment – Beyond the Buzzwords - Hype or Hope?  
Is Friction in the Convenience Store something welcome or unwelcome?

EMV Optimized – Lessons Learned and Best Practices 
Our panel of experts break down all the lessons learned from the industry's first EMV rollouts over the last year. 

EMV Future of POS Software Security
Join us for a review of the PCI Software Security Framework, which will replace the PA-DSS standard in 2020. Discuss the latest changes, as well as other topics that impact the future of POS software security.

The Evolving Fuel Landscape
Biofuel offerings around the country are changing. Join a discussion of the current and future states of biofuels as well as potential shifts in standards for regulations including the 21st Century Transportation Fuels Act and Automated Temperature Compensation in California