3 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement at Checkout

Impulse Screen

3 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement at Checkout

During the shopping experience, the brain produces dopamine – a chemical the body releases that regulates emotion, and in many cases, elation. Yet, what goes up, must comes down. The “down” is when shoppers reach the checkout counter.

According to Wrigley and Mars’s global research, there’s an opportunity for c-stores to drive customers out of low emotional states by offering products/services needed, wanted, or otherwise forgotten, i.e. upselling. Whether that upselling revolves around a specific display or suggestion at the counter, it is an important tactic in changing customers’ buying perspectives.

Forecourt and in-store engagement applications are laying the foundation for c-store operators to engage with consumers in a simple and impactful way. The goal is drive business growth. Here are three tips designed to elevate customers attitudes during payment transactions:  

Never Stop Improving 
Customers hate waiting, especially if the wait is due to sluggish equipment. Thus, ensuring your back office and counters streamline with current and reliable equipment is critical to creating a positive customer experience. 

Moreover, streamlining the checkout process allows cashiers to focus on other aspects of the job – like upselling. Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Impulse is a merchandising platform that will remind the cashier to voice relevant and current promotions to customers. Also, Impulse’s add-to-basket functionality on the customer-facing touch screen simplifies checkout and the speed of transactions. Impulse will not only help encourage more impulsive sales, but it also helps maintain shoppers’ spirits.

Extend the Shopping High 
The digital world is integrating more and more into our lives. From paying cash to paying through a mobile phone, all forms of shopping have changed drastically in the last ten years. Companies are always seeking ways to create technologies that make our tasks easier and our experiences more seamless.

Similarly, merchandising technologies are advancing. They are designed to engage customers inside the store — before, during and after a transaction. Impulse uses colorful, bright displays to bring attention to current promotions at checkout. Additionally, it pulls from a price book so that an array of digital offers siphon through a digital screen to intrigue and attract customers’ attentions and encourage them to add more to their carts. The interactive advertising will prolong the shopping high by appealing to customers impulsive sides and satisfy urges, right at the point of the transaction.

Engage and Learn Through Entertainment 
As every conversationalist expert will tell you, people love to talk about themselves. Therefore, what better way to engage customers at the checkout than to ask what each enjoys? Gilbarco’s upselling solution does that and more. Displaying interactive surveys or providing opportunities to join loyalty or digital punch card programs helps keep customers engaged via entertainment. Furthermore, retailers can use the same-store market basket analytics to drive relevant upselling combinations to customers during transactions. The data collected will help you strategize and make better business decisions that will help transition occasional customers into loyal customers. 

By understanding what customers want and need, you increase your chances of successfully upselling during transactions…and at what cost you may ask? That’s the beauty of systems like Impulse from Gilbarco. Many retailers don’t realize how inexpensive it is to deploy these tools in contrast to their upside potential. For instance, selling two extra candy bars per day can cover the cost of a basic system – which is a bargain.

If interested in learning more about upselling to customers inside and on the forecourt, reach out to a Gilbarco representative today!