Convenience Store Chain Finds Success with Self-Checkout System Powered by Passport


Convenience Store Chain Finds Success with Self-Checkout System Powered by Passport

Cutting-edge C-store Chain to Expand Self-Checkout Strategy, Delivering Enhanced Customer Experience

A convenience store chain known for embracing the latest retail technology is reporting a successful roll-out of the Passport Express Lane self-checkout system. Vermont-based Maplefields was one of the first to implement a self-checkout kiosk in the U.S. The c-store chain has the newly released Gilbarco Veeder-Root product in three stores with future deployment likely at other Maplefields locations.

“We’re really demystifying the idea of self-checkout in the c-store environment, said Special Projects Coordinator, Brian Labrie. “It’s allowed us to redeploy our staff to serve other critical store functions and create a more frictionless customer experience. It’s a game-changing opportunity we can’t ignore.” IT Manager Skip Potter says adoption rates are growing each day. The more people try it, he says, the more they keep coming back. He also noted how easy it is to integrate with Passport Express Ordering. Read and watch more coverage from WCAX-TV below:

[Passport Express Lane] self-checkout is much like the [Express Ordering] that Maplefields has had in place for many years. All you do is press a button and then you would order. The self-checkouts accept credit and debit cards and Apple Pay. The only things customers cannot checkout themselves are lottery tickets and gas.

Carol Gargon says she will use it in the future. "It was just very impressive the new kiosks they have and you could checkout yourself […],” she said.

Maplefields is known as a brand who likes to experiment with new retail tactics. It was also one of the first chains to launch Passport Express Ordering kiosks for in-store foodservice. The brand is also expanding outside the store by adding Veefil-RT 50kW electric vehicle chargers with our new “pay-at-the-charger” credit card reader.

“Maplefields proves over and over the value of being progressive in the C-store industry,” said Jason Nichols, Director, North America Retail Solutions. “We share that same mindset at Gilbarco Veeder-Root which makes our partnership so effective and successful.”

Designed specifically for the convenience store environment, Passport Express Lane™ shrinks lines, cuts labor costs, and enhances the shopping experience to increase loyalty. Consumers crave control and quick service. Express Lane keeps shoppers speeding along without stressing your workforce. Click here to learn how Gilbarco Veeder-Root can help your shoppers save time and skip the line today.