Gilbarco Launches Passport POS Tips & Tricks Resource Center

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Gilbarco Launches Passport POS Tips & Tricks Resource Center

Gilbarco is proud to introduce a new multimedia resource center created to help Passport users work faster and smarter with our robust, but scalable point-of-sale system.

Passport users know our POS system comes with a lot of horsepower. This website helps C-store owners, managers, and employees harness that power to maximize their business.

You spoke, we listened.

The content comes straight from our customers. We asked our 24/7 Passport Help Desk to compile the most common questions they receive that could be solved with just a little more instruction.

How-To Videos

Downloadable Instruction Cards

Organized into cashier and manager categories, visitors will find How-To videos for a wide-range of features and functions, along with downloadable instruction cards to help C-store teams generate their own onboarding and training materials. 

In less than a minute, and from their own mobile device, an employee could learn how reset an offline or stalled pump without calling for help. A manager could get a refresher on how to set up a new team member. An owner can discover new options on features like scheduling fuel prices or age restricted items. 

A Living Resource 

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