Gilbarco Veeder-Root Announces Industry’s First Wide Production Release of POS Software to Enable Outdoor EMV Transactions with Passport® POS

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Announces Industry’s First Wide Production Release of POS Software to Enable Outdoor EMV Transactions with Passport® POS

Passport Version 11.02 is the Final Building Block to Initiate Chip Card Payment at the Fuel Dispenser

Gilbarco Veeder-Root, the fuel industry leader in payment security and EMV technology, deployed the first software production release to enable full indoor and outdoor EMV support for First Data Generic Networks. Passport Version 11.02 is the industry’s first EMV software that enables full chip card functionality outside on the forecourt as well as inside the store. Passport Version 11.02 enables retailers using Passport® POS to protect their businesses from fraud and meet the EMV compliance in advance of the 2020 deadline.

Chip Forecourt

Over the last year, more than 2 million outdoor EMV transactions have been processed through Passport POS in field testing since Gilbarco became the first to perform a chip card transaction in the United States. Through extensive testing with brands including Clark, Gulf and Sinclair, Gilbarco has honed the process to help customers minimize downtime during their system upgrade. By being first to market, Gilbarco uncovered and resolved several challenges with EMV implementation including consumers forgetting their bank cards at the dispenser. The functionality of Passport Version 11.02 ensures no card is left behind and Gilbarco’s upgrade process ensures consumers understand EMV on day one.

Many of Gilbarco’s test customers have been small operators competing against larger regional brands. By future-proofing their payment systems, these smaller businesses can use their new chip card capabilities to stand out in the market.

“Our customers are eager to turn on EMV ‘chip’ payments at their dispensers during their busy vacation seasons to reduce the threat of credit fraud and be the first on their street to support EMV card transactions. With the significant amount of dispenser EMV hardware already installed across the country, we expect to see chip payments ‘turn on’ rapidly at the dispenser as the point of sale software needed to enable it is starting to be released,” said Mark Williams, VP of Gilbarco North America Marketing.

Passport Version 11.02 software functionality includes electronic signature capture, the ability to limit or minimize receipt printing, and supports larger fueling locations with up to 64 fueling positions and twelve cashier stations. Passport Version 11.02 is also the key component that makes the tablet-style POS system Passport EDGE EMV-ready out-of-the-box, offering a new payment security option for smaller retailers. To learn more about Gilbarco’s EMV software and hardware solutions, visit

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