Gilbarco Veeder-Root Announces New Impulse Upselling Functionality

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Gilbarco Veeder-Root Announces New Impulse Upselling Functionality

New Retailer-Friendly Portal Maximizes Functionality to Enhance Upselling

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has completed the extension of the Insite360 cloud services platform to include its countertop merchandising system – Impulse. The associated interface, in combination with Insite360’s cloud connectivity, allows c-store owners to easily develop, schedule, manage and analyze promotional and interactive content at any site or group of sites, remotely.

"Having full access to my Impulse has been an enjoyable experience," said Mike Ross, General Manager of New Distributing Company. "The enhanced navigation and easy-to-use features such as reporting, surveys, and blacklisting have been greatly beneficial in understanding more about my upselling tactics and what my customers prefer.”

Impulse is a basket-based, suggestive selling solution that uses sophisticated, behind-the-scenes technology to display relevant and colorful offers, games, and surveys to the customer before, during, and after check out. It integrates seamlessly with Gilbarco's Passport® Point-of-Sale system and store price book so that for each purchase made, the automated upselling feature generates displays at the checkout counter to increase basket size and overall sales.

The promotional power of Impulse is complemented by its analytics which are accessed on the Impulse dashboard. The dashboard displays high-level summaries of upselling (units and dollars), digital punch card campaigns, surveys, and site status. In addition to the high-level summaries, it can also generate a variety of detailed reports by site or group of sites for products, digital punch card campaigns, and surveys. The data can be used to refine promotional content and combinations of offers for best results.

"Impulse makes predicting what customers want easier because the findings are data driven," said Mark Williams, Vice President of Marketing at Gilbarco. "Our Impulse merchandising solution is a key asset for retailers to gain insight on what customers enjoy for the best upselling strategies, and studies have conservatively shown a five percent increase in sales."

Another Impulse feature is survey development and data compilation. This feature is designed to help c-store owners improve the customer experience, driving greater loyalty. The portal allows operators to create and edit questions using a variety of formats, from multiple choice to cascading surveys wherein one answer stimulates a different question. Similar to the flexibility with promotional offers, each site can host its own customized survey or carry a general survey. Impulse also captures and displays survey analytics in detailed or dashboard format, making the data easier for c-store owners to leverage in making their operations more attractive to customers.

By leveraging Impulse’ useful functionalities and enhancing access by c-store owners through Impulse’ easy-to-use dashboard, users will be able to optimize the customer experience at their sites as well as track and manage what Impulse does for each.

To learn more about how Impulse can generate incremental business, build brand loyalty, and engage customers, go to

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