Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Impulse Countertop Merchandising System: The Foundation for your Loyalty Program: Part 5 in a Series

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Impulse Countertop Merchandising System: The Foundation for your Loyalty Program: Part 5 in a Series

In the previous blogs, we covered the following:

  • Impulse buying is a part of human behavior that can be leveraged
  • Gilbarco’s Impulse, in concert with your store price book and the Passport® POS System, can leverage impulse buying to upsell and increase store profits
  • Impulse System-based surveys can help you understand your customers
  • The value of retaining customers and the link to loyalty programs

The prospect of developing, launching and maintaining a loyalty program can be daunting. Yet, using the Impulse Countertop Merchandising and Passport® POS Systems from Gilbarco Veeder-Root as the foundation of your business operations can make it less intimidating.

The previous blog noted that it’s important to understand your customers and then leverage those insights to not only develop your loyalty program, but to also apply them to your entire operation to create positive customer experiences.

The Passport® POS System can inform you about shoppers’ purchases, shopping frequency, preferences, spending patterns and more. When you link it through its portal to Impulse, you can obtain a whole new level of customer information through automated and customized surveys on Impulse’ touch screen interface. This feature is specifically designed to help c-store owners improve the customer experience, driving greater loyalty. The portal allows you to create and edit questions using a variety of formats, from multiple choice to cascading surveys wherein one answer stimulates a different question. Each of your sites can host its own customized survey or carry a general survey. Impulse also captures and displays survey analytics in detailed or dashboard format, making the data easier for you to leverage in making your operation and loyalty program more attractive to customers.

An important aspect of the Impulse Merchandising System is it is easy for customers to use and it can facilitate signing up for a loyalty program. Further, by leveraging individual customer data captured by the Passport® Point-of-Sale system, the Impulse system can tailor customer-specific offers and display them in a colorful way to increase basket size and overall sales. It’s also easy for your cashiers to use because it suggests the promoted item and no extra work (including keying) is required by the cashier. It also has an auto-promotion mode that can automatically identify monthly promotions from your price book, pull the applicable image, price it and then display it.

Impulse is a basket-based, suggestive selling solution that uses sophisticated, behind-the-scenes technology to display relevant and colorful offers, games, and surveys to the customer before, during, and after check out. It integrates seamlessly with Gilbarco's Passport® Point-of-Sale system and store price book so that for each purchase made, the automated upselling feature generates displays at the checkout counter to increase

basket size and overall sales. By automating the loyalty program, you can also dispense with the expense of printing, buying and punching loyalty program punch cards. Studies have conservatively shown a three- to five-percent increase in sales as a result of using Impulse. By leveraging Impulse’ useful functionalities like remote access/programming and its easy-to-use dashboard, you will be able to optimize the customer experience at your sites as well as track and manage what Impulse does for each.

To learn more about how Impulse can generate incremental business, build brand loyalty, and engage customers, go to or call 1-800-949-2291.