Gilbarco’s Acquisition of Odysii: Q&A with the Technology Experts

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Andrew Syzek : Product Manager, Media

We recently announced the purchase of Tel Aviv based technology partner Odysii Technologies. This acquisition shows our continued emphasis on bringing innovative technology solutions to our retail partners. To bring more insights into the partnership, Odysii, and what it means for retailers, Odysii VP of Sales and Marketing, Elad Halperin answers a few questions.

How did Odysii get its start and what was the vision of the company?

Odysii was founded with a very clear vision of leveraging technology to re-shape the customer journey in the store. We realized early on that customers who experience a personalized journey on the web and on mobile would soon expect the same in the physical retail environment.  Our technology focuses on re-shaping the digital customer journey, enabling retailers to reach consumers anytime, anywhere with meaningful communication.

Odysii and Gilbarco have been partners since 2012, what has been a key learning for you?

  • Technology is just a tool to solve a customer’s problem.  As a start -up company, we think technology, technology, and… more technology. But working with c-store retailers over the years, we learned that technology is important but only as a tool used to serve and address the needs of the customers. Everything we develop, every piece of code we write, has retailers in mind.

How will the acquisition benefit retailers?

  • Odysii and Gilbarco are now one team. With the acquisition, we are now fully aligned on our development expertise and strategies. Tel Aviv is a hot bed for engineering talent that we can take advantage of by bringing more innovative solutions to retailers.
  • Scale. Our install base is growing very rapidly, and the full buy in from Gilbarco allows us to scale, drive innovation and access more resources; all improving our ability to better serve our customers.

What are the most successful ways you have seen retailers utilize your technology?

  • Leveraging our auto-promotion engine. That means that on Day 1 of the implementation, their entire promotional calendar gets populated on screen without requiring any additional work from their staff. It is updated automatically so promotions are always up-to date.
  • Fully using the Affinity engine. The engine identifies strong product matches in specific stores and presents them to customers.
  • Loyalty.  Loyalty is becoming increasingly popular with our consumers, so we are implementing applications of various loyalty programs such as FRN (Shell’s Fuel Rewards Network), helping retailers leverage on the FRN database of offers.

Are there any key upselling trends other retailers should know about?

  • Increasing use of private label items. More and more retailers emphasize private label items and high margin items such as coffee and Fountain, which should take priority over other offers.  
  • Day Parting continues to grow. Retailers know their consumers and locations best and use our systems to automatically target based on time of day. So both day parting and week parting are key – promoting more coffee in the mornings and take-home products in late afternoon. 

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