Long Lines? Here's What Customers Think About Them

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Long Lines? Here's What Customers Think About Them

Do long lines plague your stores? Your customers might just be posting about it on the internet.

We took a deep dive into Twitter to see what people think when they’re forced to wait in long lines.

Here’s what we found.

First of all, a surprising number of customers fantasize about leaving without paying. Others tweet that they’ve witnessed frustrated shoppers actually do it.


The next big gripe? Waiting in line behind lottery players – especially players who scratch tickets right there at the register.



A healthy lottery business is a good thing, but there’s no question that more lottery players equate to longer lines, slower service, and more stress on cashiers and customers.

This was one of the top reasons c-store retailer, Breeze Thru Markets, added Passport Express Lane™ to their array of in-store POS solutions.

“If it’s a lottery store, don’t fight it. Let’s expand the lottery section.” says Breeze Thru VP of Retail, Mark Smith. “We’re about to build a lottery section that will take up half a store. [We’re looking for] things you can do at our store that you can’t do other places. Gilbarco’s self-checkout is one of them.”

Another chronic line-extender is extreme weather. This problem causes long lines inside the store AND outside on the forecourt.


While it’s hard to fight against mother nature, often times, you can at least prepare. Use our quick guide for natural disasters to better ensure you can stay operating for your community in their time of need.

The Bottom Line

As we all know, the “C” in “c-store” stands for “convenience,” and long lines are the opposite of convenient.

Lines might even seem like a good problem to have...hey, at least you have (mostly) paying customers, right?

As you can see from the tweets, it’s a problem that will solve itself one way, or another.

Retailers can either take a hard look at their in-store operations or wait for the line to disappear on its own – with vanishing customers.

Ready to combat long lines at your stores? Contact our team today to learn about Passport Express Lane Self-Checkout.