Making Cents: How to Limit Coin Shortage Impacts on Your C-Store

coin shortage

Making Cents: How to Limit Coin Shortage Impacts on Your C-Store

The headlines and questions keep coming about the coin shortage hitting convenience stores across America. (See below to learn why)

Retailers are getting creative to mitigate the problem by encouraging customers to pay with cards, mobile pay, or exact change.  NACS and a coalition of retail groups are pushing for a national campaign to encourage coin use.

For Passport users, the Round-up Donations option is a simple way to help take coins out of the equation while making a difference in local communities.

To enable Round-up Donations on Passport POS:

  1. Go to Manager Workstation
  2. Select Store
  3. Select Donations

From there, configure buttons to give customers the “Round-up” option and a “No Thanks” option on the PIN pad.

The donation option also appears on Passport Express Lane self-checkout lanes. After the selection has been made, the transaction returns to tender mode.

The GUI journal and the customer’s receipt will display a line for donations added to the transaction with the description of “Donation” and the amount donated. This amount is included in the transaction total due from the customer.

Donations are reported in a system-defined department “Donations” on the Department Totals Report and to the Back office in the MCM XML (Department Sales) file and as a line item with a system reserved PLU in the POS Journal .xml file.

Why is the Coin Shortage Happening?

Cash registers are short on change due to shifts in government operations and consumer spending habits from COVID-19. A combination of lowered coin production, shrinking circulation, and the growing use of digital payments all contributed to the coin shortages.

via NACS

“With overall transactions down and more consumers opting to use mobile apps and other contactless payments, that means retailers’ cash deposits to banks aren’t as robust as normal, crimping the coins banks have on hand to recirculate back into communities.”

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