Play at the Pump Comes to CA: Would you play?

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Jason Bertinetti : Marketing Manager

Last week California joined Minnesota and Missouri to become the third state to go live with Play at the Pump.  This new product provides an opportunity for retailers to expand their lottery sales by targeting an untouched segment of consumers who normally do not play lottery due to the inconvenience of entering the store.  Play at the Pump introduces an element of technology to Lottery as quick pick numbers are stored on the consumer’s purchase card as opposed to a paper ticket.  Winnings below a $600 threshold are automatically deposited back to the consumers account while winnings in excess of $600 trigger a text message notification to the player to claim winnings at their local lottery office. 

Below is a video excerpt from the local KCRA Sacramento news station during last week’s launch date:

The goal of Play at the Pump is plain and simple, create larger jackpots.  Rising jackpots create increased demand and an improved market for retailers.  The product has also proven to raise brand awareness for normal in-store players. Two independent sales analyses in Minnesota and Missouri have shown that in-store lottery sales for Powerball and Mega Millions grow by 4-7% at Play at the Pump retailers when compared to other retailers in the same geographic area that do not offer Play at the Pump. “Programs like Play at the Pump are a win for retailers, the Lottery and those who benefit from lottery proceeds,” said Minnesota Lottery Director Ed Van Patten.

It is exciting to see the product gain traction and prove as an innovative solution to aid retailers in growing their sales.  Future state deployments are expected in 2015 and so the question remains, would you play?

-Jason Bertinetti, Marketing Manager

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