When to Upgrade/Replace an Aging POS System

And how to leverage EMV Incentive Programs to win!

A C-store’s POS system is the heart of a retail sales transaction. Retailers need and demand system reliability and many POS systems will see 10+ years of continuous operation. As systems age, hardware components degrade from continuous use and eventually, Retailers must weigh system performance and repair costs against the costs of replacing new.

Current EMV incentive program s provide Retailers a unique opportunity to upgrade to a new POS system that offers more features, faster performance and warranty coverage.

Passport Point of Sale

POS Replacement Considerations:

System capabilities:

  • Software functionality (Impulse merchandising, Lottery at the Pump, Food Service)
  • Third-party interfaces

Physical attributes:

  • Smaller footprint to free-up valuable retail counter space
  • Responsive touch screen for improved operator interface


  • Faster processor speed (overall improved system performance and faster customer transactions)
  • More memory (overall faster system performance)
  • EMV-compliant PIN Pads (compliance requirements)
  • Reliability (new hardware peripherals vs. tired and worn peripherals)

Cost of Ownership:

  • Maintenance
  • Warranty
  • Field support (vendor support footprint)
  • Help Desk support (onshore/offshore)

System architecture

  • Transaction security
  • Robustness of design

Individual Retailers or IT specialists will assign different weights to the above and other factors when considering POS replacement. And while there is no “one-size fits all” formula, the ultimate goal is uninterrupted business uptime and consistent customer satisfaction. Understanding that your POS system is the heart of the retail sales transaction, the upcoming EMV upgrade requirement and available EMV incentive programs may make “now” the best time to consider replacing an aging POS system.

In an effort to leverage EMV incentives, Gilbarco has worked with various MOCs to develop brand-specific upgrade and full-system replacement programs. In most cases, MOC incentive dollars can be used to replace a competitive (non-Gilbarco) POS system with a new Passport All-in-One POS system.

Please take advantage of these lucrative MOC EMV incentive programs before they expire by contacting your local Gilbarco Distributor and requesting information regarding your brand-specific upgrade or competitive POS conversion program.

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