Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for C-Store Owners

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Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for C-Store Owners

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by mid-February?

So instead of thinking up resolutions that you’ll break in a month, here are a few that C-Store owners can’t afford to fall short on in 2020.

Get EMV-compliant ASAP

Late 2019 brought news that the EMV deadline isn’t budging. Retailers who haven’t started the process to make sure that they are EMV compliant need to call their Gilbarco distributor immediately to initiate their upgrade.

Because the deadline is close—and because there are so many dispensers to upgrade—there is a huge demand for technicians to complete installations. The current wait time to get new dispensers installed is already several months, but the demand will grow as the deadline gets closer. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that you might miss the deadline — and face the financial risks of the liability shift.

Keep a Fast Forecourt

There is nothing that customers hate more than a slow gas pump.

Filters are the most critical element when it comes to fuel flow.  You need to commit to changing them on the appropriate schedule. Filters should be changed every 300,000 gallons, every six months, or when fuel delivery rates slow significantly. Businesses who fail to keep up with this routine maintenance will end up with slow pumps and unhappy consumers.

Still have slow flow? Find more tips here!

If you want to improve fuel flow even more, you should also consider replacing your nozzles. The Ergo 75 has the fastest flow and lowest pressure drop of any nozzle. It also offers premium performance under extreme temperatures—ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to 125°F (52°C)—and it is the only ADA-compliant nozzle on the market.

Smooth Out the Friction

Convenience stores benefit from being frictionless. Strategies include mobile apps, foodservice ordering and self-checkout systems.

For Passport users, all these tools are available and easy to integrate into the existing POS environment. Our Passport Express Lane self-checkout system works together with Passport Express Ordering to give customers a seamless shopping experience.  But don’t take our word for it.  See for yourself how this innovative convenience store brand found success using this combination of solutions.

Embrace e-Mobility

The world of E-Mobility is shifting into high gear and now is the time for businesses to prepare.

The adoption of electric vehicles is expected to mature rapidly over the next 15 years. By 2035, it is predicted that nearly 40% of all new cars sold will be electric.

With electric vehicle technology rapidly changing the face of modern transportation, gas stations and C-Stores are uniquely positioned to be on the forefront of this new frontier. Gilbarco Veeder-Root offers options to the C-Store and retail fuel industries to drive this technology into the mainstream. With 150 years of experience growing a global mobility brand, Gilbarco Veeder-Root is ready to fuel the future of transportation with our EV chargers—powered by Tritium—that allow businesses to seamlessly weave EV technology into their sites with the least disruptive manner. 

One of the greatest limitations with EV use today is long-distance travel. C-Stores and gas stations are one of the keys to solving that electrical charging infrastructure challenge by adding EV chargers to their operations.

We suggest prioritizing areas where EV usage is most popular. Businesses should also target areas offering the best government or utility incentives.

Keep Learning

The secret to long-term success is to never stop learning.  With over 150 years of history in the industry, our team at Gilbarco Veeder-Root wants to share with our partners what we’ve learned over a century and a half.  Our 2020 Retail Technology Conference is an invaluable event that provides cutting-edge educational sessions and a curated list of relevant keynote speakers to help everyone get the knowledge that they need to propel their businesses forward.

Learn more about the conference here or register here today!

Happy New Year!

From everyone at Gilbarco Veeder-Root, we wish you a year of great success.  As always, we look forward to fueling your future along the way.