Turning Your iPad into a POS for Your Gas Station

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Turning Your iPad into a POS for Your Gas Station

iPads are used for customer service tools, digital signage and media devices. Now they are being leveraged as cash registers and POS systems for gas stations and convenience stores. 

When you upgrade and replace your traditional point-of-sale with an iPad you will have additional hardware needs. 

What’s Needed 

You will need, a tablet, a credit card reader, gas station software and controller, printer, bar code scanner, cash drawer, and a tablet stand. 

The Equipment 

  1. iPad: POS solution providers may offer an option to purchase tablets, but consider choosing and buying your devices separately.
    • Benefits may include:
      • Lower cost of the device
      • Extended warranty (Apple Care)
      • Choice of memory/storage capabilities
  2. Credit Card Reader: Gas station owners must accept chip cards per the EMV regulations. EMV compliant universal pin pads integrate seamlessly with POS systems. Some offer NFC and EMV functionality, which allow mobile payments from Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and other systems. 
  3. Gas Station POS Software and Controller: To complete a transaction, you will need software and hardware that will operate your gas station dispensers. When comparing POS vendors, look at:  
    • software maintenance costs  
    • transaction fees 
    • system usability 
    • training costs 
    • enhancements to productivity  
    • remote management 
    • warranty 
    • the capability of the dispenser controller 
  4. Printer: A thermal receipt printer is usually the best choice for quick, mid-volume receipt printing. The printer connects to your device using either wire (Ethernet) or wireless connection (Bluetooth). Generally, it is advisable to match one printer for each tablet. 
  5. Barcode Scanner: A barcode scanner is useful for any retail business to track each item and inventory levels. The scanner often comes with a label printer and can connect by USB cord or wirelessly.
  6. Cash Drawer: Many businesses still need the option to operate with cash, not just credit cards. Some POS systems feature bundled packages which include cash drawers. These usually connect to your tablet easily by USB cord or a wireless connection. 
  7. Tablet Stand: Consider stable, angled stands that reduce glare on screen for your cashiers allowing them to complete transactions quickly and efficiently. 

Tablet POS systems are a simple and effective solution for your gas station or convenience store, and it all starts with choosing the proper equipment and vendors. When comparing vendors, look at software maintenance costs, transaction fees, productivity enhancements, reporting, remote management, and warranty. 

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