5 Questions on Dispenser Media with Media Expert Dan Trotzer

1. How important is the dispenser media channel to entertainment partners and advertising partners? In other words, how do entertainment and advertising providers view the fueling consumer?

The dispenser media channel has become an increasingly important component of the media strategy for many of our advertising partners and it continues to grow in importance as networks are quickly expanding. The ability to engage and influence millions of consumers each day on a one-to-one basis with rich video media when they are out of the house and closer to the point of purchase is a unique and valuable opportunity for many brands. Below are some valuable elements of the fueling consumer:

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Dan Trotzer : VP Channel Development, Verifone Media
  • Engagement– Our audience and attention is tethered to the screen for a precious 4 minutes during fueling. So we provide an entertaining alternative to watching the gas flow. As a result, the standard metrics for media efficacy are high for us compared to other media platforms, which drives value for our advertisers.
  • State of mind – Our audience is in a “transactional state of mind”. Customers are on-the-go, running errands, and spending 35% more money the day they fill their cars than any other day of the week. So the opportunity to stay top of mind when customers are most likely to make purchasing decisions is very valuable.
  • Relevance – Advertisers that are most active and that value our audience the most, are those that are most relevant to the customer where and when we reach them. Today’s consumers are entirely in control of their media consumption and tend to tune out messages that don’t have any relevance to where they are or what they are doing. Consumer package goods brands that sell product just a few steps away from where are our audience is standing represent the largest category of advertiser on our network and for good reason.  Those messages are relevant it makes sense for advertisers to be talking to these consumers about a new drink flavor or snack product.
  • National Scale:…see below.

2. How do far does the dispenser media channel truly reach and how does that compare to other channels?

  • Our network today reaches 65 million monthly consumers across 44 states and 156 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) and is growing every day. This equates to a weekly audience that is larger than NBC’s top rated show “The Voice”.
  • By the end of 2015 our monthly audience will eclipse the highest rated weekly television events and will deliver a Superbowl sized audience every month of the year. That level of national scale allows our network to be considered on par with national broadcast media without the problems of channel skipping or DVR viewing.

3. How has TV at the pump evolved over the past few years?

The biggest changes over the past few years relate to the type of content that is now being created for our network. As we have grown our reach across the country, we’ve achieved economies of scale that justify the resources required to create content specifically for the fueling consumer. In the past, our content had to be re-purposed from other platforms but today, we are able to have more meaningful and deep relationships with our content partners to customize our programming. We are also exploring new and creative ways of entertaining the customer and delivering content that can’t be seen anywhere else. While we have an engaged and captive audience, we need to continue to shift our programming to keep it fresh and new.

4. What is the hottest trend in Place Based media? Dispenser media?

One of the most exciting trends in place based media that is the integration of mobility and mobile engagement with placed based media networks. Consumers are more dependent on their smart phones than ever. In fact, as of the end of 2014 the average amount of time U.S. Consumers spend on smart phones finally passed the time spent viewing television every day, introducing an opportunity to extend the impact of an advertising message from a screen to a handset. It is very much a pull vs. push media model requiring consumers to actively take part in accepting the message. So while more challenging, it is a particularly exciting proposition if it can be done effectively.

5. Where do you see dispenser media in 5 years? 10 years?

5 –10 years from now I think dispenser media will be one integrated component of a broader consumer engagement platform that will include:

  • Mobile interactivity
  • Automated integration with store level pricing and promotions
  • Loyalty based customization of a consumers experience.

I also see a greater level of data analytics driving optimization of the various component parts for retailers.  The ground work is being laid today and the functionality and value to the retailer and the advertiser will only improve as we innovate on the platform.


As a teenager and young adult I was a card cayinrrg member, but I had completely forgotten about the NWF. I am so glad you posted this, especially the links to ideas of things to do outside.

As a teenager and young adult I was a card cayinrrg member, but I had completely forgotten about the NWF. I am so glad you posted this, especially the links to ideas of things to do outside.

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