Heartland Payment Systems-Chicago certifies Passport with PA-DSS point of sale system

Passport is now PA-DSS validated and shipping for all U.S. applications
Heartland Payment Systems-Chicago certifies Passport with PA-DSS point of sale s

GREENSBORO, N.C. – January 10, 2011 – Heartland Payment Systems-Chicago has approved Passport with PA-DSS* point of sale system software Version 8.03 for retailers on their network. With the PCI PABP* sunset date quickly approaching for point of sale systems, Gilbarco is now exclusively shipping Passport systems that are PCI PA-DSS* validated. Networks that have certified Gilbarco’s Passport with PA-DSS* validation include: BP, Chevron, Concord (includes Generics, Gulf, Sinclair, Sunoco, Valero), ExxonMobil, Heartland Payment Systems-Chicago, Heartland Payment Systems–Dallas (includes CITGO, ConocoPhillips, Generics, Marathon), NBS/Cenex, RBS WorldPay and Shell.

“Passport delivers a full suite of PA-DSS validated applications for multi-branded jobbers, allowing them to standardize on one POS*, simplifying their operations and reducing costs,” said Andrew Robinson, Director, POS Marketing at Gilbarco Veeder-Root. “We provide a unique architecture that segregates all the complexity of PCI PA-DSS* software into a single device to mitigate the impact of on-going PCI changes. Based on the strength of our architecture, our customers can focus on building their businesses through the rich loyalty, social media, and fuel and merchandising promotional programs that Passport supports.”

Passport provides a highly intuitive touch screen interface that minimizes training time, errors and shrinkage. Retailers realize unique benefits for managing and growing their business, including flexible fuel and merchandise discounting, loyalty programs, and seamless connectivity to support the largest third-party partner program in the industry, including a comprehensive listing of back office and loyalty partners. Retailers also benefit from Remote Diagnostics and Gilbarco’s 24 x 7 x 365 Help Desk that enable most troubleshooting, fixes and software upgrades to be completed without on-site service calls and site downtime.


* “PCI” stands for Payment Card Industry. “PA-DSS” stands for Payment Application Data Security Standard. “PABP” stands for Payment Application Best Practices. “POS” stands for Point of Sale.


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