EMV-Compliant Equipment

Gilbarco Veeder-Root provides retail petroleum operators the ability to upgrade their sites to support EMV technology across a variety of dispenser types. This cross platform provides a simpler path for retailers to upgrade their equipment to not only be EMV compliant, but also have the opportunity to have a stronger functioning site.

If you are looking to upgrade your site’s equipment, Gilbarco has everything you need. From dispensers, payment readers, POS systems and more, we have all the products to deliver optimal migration to adapt EMV technology.

Read below to learn how our equipment provides the best EMV solutions while adhering to EMV standards. 


Critical Functionality - Point of Sale

The counter of your C-store is absolutely critical to your success. It's where money changes hands, impressions are made, relationships are built and profits are won or lost. Every day your employees face the challenge to present the right products to the right customers in precisely the right way.

Providing smooth and painless transactions for your customers is essential to creating customer loyalty and building a positive brand image. Having a POS system that provides these functionalities for your site while also providing EMV solutions is a technology that should not be overlooked.

No other site is quite like yours and no other system is quite like ours. Passport is our cutting-edge POS system that supports all of your EMV technology. It gives you and your employees the tools needed to manage efficient operations while maintaining EMV standards. Our simple, flexible system has the power to optimize every transaction, provide exceptional customer service and accomplish processes for the future.  

Read more about Passport POS simplicity.


Security at its best - FlexPay™ IV CRIND

It’s time to increase security with the industry's best payment terminal. Gilbarco's FlexPay™ IV CRIND technology helps secure your operation from theft and fraud.

This device provides the easiest and most integrated payment EMV solution. Because Gilbarco stands behind their EMV products, we factory-install FlexPay™ IV CRIND on the Gilbarco Encore 700 S dispensers! In fact, if you do not have a Gilbarco dispenser but are eager to invest in EMV compliant equipment, Gilbarco has you covered by also creating retrofits for Wayne Ovation and Vista dispensers. Therefore, no matter what you have already, you are only one phone call away from reaching the EMV standard.

Don’t procrastinate and avoid the EMV standards for business transactions. Instead, protect your site and your customers’ payment data at your fueling island. Let your customers know it is safe for them to do business with you by placing EMV compliant equipment on your site.


The EMV Solution - Card Readers

Gilbarco Veeder-Root strives to provide the latest of EMV solutions. With the FlexPay Hybrid Card Reader (HCR), your customers are protected through logical and physical security, all while accepting both magnetic strip cards and EMV chip cards. The modular design of the HCR makes an easy and cost-effective upgrade that protects your customers as well as your peace of mind.

The FlexPay Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) is considered one of the industry’s best and top leader in EMV compliant card readers. As skimming continues to be a nuisance, investing in more secure equipment is essential in protecting your c-store from chargeback costs. 

When purchasing Gilbarco’s EMV compliant card readers like the FlexPay HCR, you are receiving an EMV product that:

  • Is EMV certified to protect against counterfeit fraud
  • Ensures security through the Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) communication capability
  • Is Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) certified


High-Speed Connectivity

Get your site high-speed connectivity without slowing down your site’s throughput. FlexPay™ Connect allows your retail-fueling dispensers to process data-intensive EMV payments without slowing your transaction speeds. In addition to advanced payment functionality, FlexPayTM Connect operates in tandem with media and remote management applications. You can worry less about your site slowing down with the new demands. Instead, you can rely on our products. Therefore, when providing connectivity to your software, your equipment is bound to function smoothly. Gilbarco’s EMV solution integrated with FlexPay Connect provides you the chance to not only have more control over your site, but alternatively, allows you to let go the reins so your c-store can run more independently.

FlexPay™ Connect is easily installed with a simple backroom and in-dispenser module and comes ready for remote management applications at the pump. It is a great addition to your EMV compliant equipment that will allow your other EMV products to function seamlessly.