Learn about Media at the Pump

Learn about Media at the Fuel Dispenser


On average, a customer spends 3-5 minutes refueling at the gas pump. Media at the pump is a great way to enhance the fueling experience by entertaining your customers while building customer loyalty and driving traffic.

With media at the pump you can:

  • Drive in-store lift
  • Differentiate your brand
  • Build customer loyalty

Gilbarco's media at the pump solution works to ensure you grab your customers’ attention. Invite them inside your c-store with Applause™ TV by promoting products and services specific to your gas station on the large color screens in the gas pump.

Market research proved that Applause TV generates sales growth! Results showed that Applause TV drove customers into the c-store and generated additional purchases with up to a 39% increase on promoted items.

Read the case study to learn how Applause TV can improve your business.