Learn About Upselling for C-Stores

Learn About Upselling

The counters of your c-stores are where profits are won or lost. Upselling drives profits by offering shoppers more choices.

With an upselling platform you can:

  • Increase the average basket size and improve sales
  • Maximize the sales opportunities with shoppers
  • Engage the consumers better with the brand  using feedback surveys or coupons to drive return visits

Gilbarco's Impulse™ upselling platform works to ensure you get the most out of each in-store transaction. Its exclusive affinity engine uses sophisticated algorithms, purchase history, pricebook information, promotion schedule, time of day, and more to suggest precisely the right upsell item to every customer. It automatically tailors graphics and messages to each customer, yet gives you complete control over content.


With Impulse™ you can:

  • Boost in-store sales by a proven 3–5%, with unique affinity engine*
  • Improve profit margin by intelligently steering customers toward private label and other high-margin items.
  • Build customer loyalty with relevant promotions, surveys, and more
  • Integrate easily with any POS or back-office system through industry standard interfaces