Advanced Architecture

No one knows PCI compliance like we do. And with Passport, we've created a simpler, smarter architecture that builds in PCI compliance from the ground up. This makes it easier to meet today's requirements, stay compliant in the future and maintain the flexibility you need to add new features and stay ahead of the competition.

Passport's unique system architecture isolates all PA-DSS activity in the dispenser hub, leaving the point-of-sale free from PCI requirements. The result? A point-of-sale that's more open to future improvements, components that can be updated rather than replaced as requirements change, and a system that runs more smoothly. It's your most reliable, most flexible, most future-proof route to PCI compliance.

  • PCI compliance that lasts —   Passport has been PCI compliant since the DSS standards were created
  • Validation on all certified networks
  • PA-DSS that runs independently from the POS,  reducing PCI footprint and adding flexibility
  • Small PCI footprint  for easy adaptability to any future PCI changes
  • Secure printing of full network reports,  with all data included
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