POS Smart Management

Managing employees is one of the most challenging aspects of fuel retailing. So Passport provides you with a higher level of control that enables you to observe, analyze and control—all in less time.

Passport also provides sophisticated alerts and safeguards that help your employees perform at their best and secure your investment. It all adds up to tighter security, fewer surprises and better results for you, your employees and your customers.

  • Searchable electronic journal  logs cashier keystrokes and can be reviewed and printed from the Passport Electronic Journal
  • Blind balancing  enables you to require cashiers to balance the till without knowing the correct balance
  • Up to 99 security roles  enable you to create customized security groups for tighter control over permissions and functionality
  • Cashier snapshot reports  enable you to quickly evaluate performance
  • Cashier Statistics Report  shows snapshot of count and value for each cashier’s refunds, voids, no sales and drive-offs
  • Cashier Over/Short Report  shows till close over/short statistics across all cashiers
  • Alerts and reminders  can be programmed to appear once or recur on both cashier and manager workstations
  • Remote Manager Suite   enables you to manage and monitor sites from nearly any Internet-enabled device
  • Quick age verification   enables you to verify a customer’s age by scanning their driver’s license, reducing risk and liability