Loyalty Features standard in Passport

Industry-leading features that enable you to generate a loyal customer following: 

  • Flexible fuel discount options offer more ways to provide incentives to customers to pay cash, with two-level price posting or a fuel discount for paying cash
    • Passport supports two-level price posting, including different prices for credit and debit; the manager can configure which payment tenders receive the cash pricing and which receive credit pricing
    • Where dispensers do not have two-level price posting, the manager can choose to offer a fuel price rollback discount to customers who pay with cash
  • Fuel price rollbacks are shown on the dispenser CRIND screen and on the customer's receipt for a more rewarding, memorable experience
  • Passport enables you to provide a fuel price discount for:
    • Payment with cash
    • Payment with a specific card type
    • Purchase of car wash
    • Manual discount (such as police or senior citizen discount)
    • Local account
    • Network and third-party loyalty program*
  • Fuel price discounts are cumulative — for example, a customer who pays in cash and purchases a car wash would receive the programmed discount for each

Network and third-party loyalty programs*

  • Passport supports up to three network + third-party loyalty programs or up to two third-party loyalty programs per site.
  • Passport supports BP, Chevron, Shell, and Imperial Oil (Canada) network loyalty programs as well as network loyalty programs such as Exxon, Phillips66 and Sunoco managed by third-party loyalty hosts
  • Passport interfaces more third-party loyalty partners than any other POS supplier in the Industry, reference Passport's Partner listing at http://www.gilbarco.com/us/content/partners
  • Passport's rich, industry-standard interface provides enhanced opportunities for third-party loyalty providers to impact the transaction, allowing more opportunities to configure your loyalty program to compete your way
  • Competitive POS systems send only loyalty transactions to the loyalty host. With Passport, managers can send all transactions to the loyalty host, providing better business analysis of the effectiveness of your loyalty vs. non-loyalty programs to make better business decisions
  • Passport's loyalty store-and-forward stores the customer's purchase information and uploads the information once connection to loyalty host is restored, ensuring your customers receive the benefits they deserve
  • A special icon on the fueling position signals cashiers when a loyalty card is presented at the pump, allowing the cashier to specially greet or authorize fueling for those loyalty customers
    *Requires the purchase of the Mobile Loyalty Suite of Advanced Software Modules