Simple Point of Sale

Your cashiers have just seconds to process each transaction, connect with the customer and suggest upsell items that boost your margins. There's no time to waste. So it's critical that your point-of-sale system enables cashiers to focus on customers, not the screen.

With that in mind, we've spent decades creating the most user-friendly cashier interface you can buy. Passport gets new cashiers up to speed in minutes, with no codes to remember and no awkward toggling between screen and keyboard. Customizable tips and prompts help even seasoned cashiers serve customers better. When seconds count, Passport delivers.

  • 20-minute learning curve  gets new cashiers up and running faster
  • Consistent graphical user interface across multiple sites for maximum staffing flexibility
  • Smart forecourt integration quickly alerts cashiers to forecourt issues, improving customer satisfaction
  • All-touch interface means no need to constantly switch between a keyboard and screen
  • Tip bar and help features  teach new cashiers quickly and make seasoned cashiers more effective
  • Intelligent display only shows buttons when they can be used, improving accuracy and transaction speed
  • See It/Touch It buttons mean no codes to remember