Big Data

big data

Big Data: Customer Insights

Discover actionable insights that improve customer loyalty, increase customer spend and help optimize your business efficiency by utilizing big data to better understand your customers and meet their needs. Advanced sensors, mounted discreetly on the ceiling, anonymously monitor the movements of customers and staff within your store; and convert this in to insights that can transform your business. 


Monitor and reduce customer wait time

Promote customer loyalty, increase return visits and increase basket size by actively monitoring queue length at the register and raising automated calls for staff when they get too long.

No one likes waiting in queues and it has been proven that shorter queues improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Many big grocers around the world, including Kroger and Tesco, use big data to power their queue management systems and drastically reduced the time their customers spend queueing, whilst also boosting profits.

Staffing levels can also be optimized by analyzing the average customer wait time at the register by time of day – enabling costs to be reduced by better matching the number of staff members to customer demand.

Boost basket size

With the option to pay at pump, not all gas customers will leave the forecourt and enter your store, however you can encourage them to come inside and make additional purchases by using screens out on the forecourt to display the current short wait time (as well as other in-store offers).

Once in the store, big data can:

  • tell you which entrances/exits are most used and how many customers use different areas of your store such as dine-in areas
  • produce heat maps that show the busiest and most used areas of your store
  •  help identify the hot zones where popular and high margin products should be locatedt
  • tell you how many customers walked in to the store and immediately turned around and walked out without making a purchase

Improve customer experience

Provide a better customer experience by meeting their needs quicker and efficiently. Big data enables you to react immediately and provide an amazing customer experience to customers waiting at service areas (such as deli cases) by monitoring how long customers wait for service and automatically raising alerts for staff to attend.

Big data doesn’t just improve service areas, it can improve security and cleanliness too. Alerts for security staff can be raised when customers spend too long in known high-theft; and alerts for cleaning staff can be raised when washroom and restroom facilities have been used by a certain number of people.

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