EV Chargers

ev charger

EV: Fueling the future.

EV offerings have been stand-alone, non-integrated solutions for gas stations. Our EV chargers allow businesses to seamlessly weave EV technology into their sites in the least disruptive manner.

Unlike other solutions, the Gilbarco EV charging platform allows you to adopt EV technology that benefits your business on day one. It’s your site, your space, your chargers, your customers, your data, your profits.

Electrification is inevitable and the EV wave is coming. Make sure your business is equipped for the ride.


There is something common in Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Tritium’s core: premium quality. Fueled by the pursuit of innovation, design, and engineering, this drive for excellence is at the heart of our brands. It is reflected in our Veefil-RT model with its patented liquid-cooling system, small footprint, and attractive design. This reliable and robust electric vehicle fast charger is the leading choice of site hosts for easy installation and low maintenance.



Optimal functionality in a wide range of environmental conditions.


Patented Liquid-Cooled Technology reduces wear.

hard hat

Reduced set-up costs and faster installation time.


Durable UV resistant exterior maximizes rand visibility.


World's smallest footprint for a DC fast charger.


Low maintenance ensures maximum up time.


POS & OCPP Integration facilitates easy connection to your existing POS system.


Advancements in design and engineering mean increased reliability.


The user interface speaks a language we can all understand. The intuitive layout and icons clearly walk the user through the charging process without using a word.

  1. Connect Plug to Car - Icon flashes when the unit is available for use.
  2. Card Activation* - Swipe your card over this area to activate the user interface, and to also unlock a charging session.
  3. MAX or HALF - Toggle button to select a half or maximum charge amount. (if not pressed goes directly to maximum)
  4. START - Push to start the charging session.
  5. STOP - Push to stop the charging session.
  6. Return Plug to Charger - Icon flashes to indicate that the charging session is complete and the plug should be returned to the plug holder.
  7. Not in Service - Icon will light up when the charger is not in service.
  8. Locked symbol - Lit when a charging session is in progress and the interface panel is locked.
  9. Charging indicator - Will glow when a charging session is in progress.
  10. LED information displays - Displays minutes, battery percentage during charge, kilowatts delivered, $ fee charged based on setup.
ev ui


Should you need support to resolve any issues with your chargers, our local 
and global support teams are available to deliver a resolution.

Service management with myTritium: you will have access to our helpdesk portal, myTritium, where you will have the ability to monitor charging assets in real-time. 


  • myTritium is our helpdesk portal where you can: 
  • Log service requests for Product & Charger issues 
  • Monitor service request progress
  • Access Tritium Community  resources 
  • Manage your assets
  • Manage your warranty

myTritium empowers you with real-time visibility into charger operations and performance. This enables you to proactively detect issues and resolve them.


When it comes to industry-changing innovation, Gilbarco Veeder-Root and Tritium have always been ahead of the curve. The refined features you’ll find in our charger models today are paving the way for the EV technology of the future.