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FlexPay™ Connect
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Enable High-Speed Connectivity at Your Site

To have a smooth-working forecourt that enables advanced payment technology, media engagement and fast throughput, it is important to have strong, reliable, high-speed connectivity as your backbone.  FlexPay Connect v2 is that backbone as it provides the infrastructure needed to allow your retail-fueling dispensers to process data, like intensive EMV payments, without slowing down the forecourt’s productivity.

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Why FlexPay™ Connect?

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has the experience to understand what works best for c-stores across the country. Having a business that can operate with the latest equipment requires many resources. Maxing out on these resources can put your business brand at risk.

Therefore, FlexPay Connect v2 was developed to provide a smooth-working ecosystem. By providing high-speed connectivity that flows in the store and to the forecourt (total of up to 300 feet), you will not only have a well-oiled, functioning business, but you will also have the ability to manage your site easily.

What are FlexPay Connect v2 Benefits?

As the global leader in outdoor payment systems, Gilbarco Veeder-Root continues to offer the latest in flexible and secure payment technologies to combat the growing risk of fraud on the forecourt and help you grow your business.

With FlexPay Connect v2, you will have the following benefits.

  • High-speed EMV transactions. EMV processes data-intensive information needed to make payments safer. Additionally, if you operate other functionalities, you can potentially create a functionally-lagging site. A slow and inefficient site will not only hurt your business brand but will frustrate you and your employees -- and ultimately, your customers. However, FlexPay Connect v2 will close the gaps through high-speed connectivity so that you can enjoy a fluid and healthy forecourt.
  • Easy installation. Through the dispenser and backroom module, you will be able to support up to 16 dispensers as well as stream media and CRIND communications. FlexPay Connect v2 is a lower-cost option which provides wiring that does not involve breaking concrete and running new conduit or Ethernet wiring. Instead, you can use current legacy twisted pair or 2-wire infrastructure to set up a broadband connection needed for EMV.
  • Remote management. Being able to run your business remotely will be an additional convenience in running your business. Managing all your businesses from one location in an easy-to-use interface will not only decrease your stress as a c-store owner, but make your business more efficient and enable accurate reporting. Therefore, with FlexPay Connect v2, you will be able to manage your site(s) easily, have more accurate data at your fingertips and a smoother operation.