FlexPay™ Hybrid Card Reader (HCR)

FlexPay™ Hybrid Card Reader (HCR)
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Enable High Speed Connectivity at Your Site

As the frontrunner of outdoor payment systems, Gilbarco Veeder-Root takes an active stance in combating fraud by providing the latest in secure payment systems. With the FlexPlay Hybrid Card Reader (HCR) your customers are protected through at-the-pump data encryption as well as innovative physical security features, all while accepting both magnetic strip cards and EMV chip cards. The modular design of the HCR makes is an easy and cost-effective upgrade that protects not only your customers, but also your peace of mind.

FlexPay EMV CRIND protects multiple risk points, giving you complete control of the security on your forecourt. The system combines the security of the FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad, the Secure Hybrid Card Reader (HCR), and a color screen to provide payment compliance, anti-skimming protection, and secure screen prompting.

FlexPay™ Hybrid Card Reader 

Combat criminals and protect your data

  • EMV certified to protect against counterfeit fraud.
  • Triple Data Encryption Standard (TDES) communication capability ensures data security.
  • Tamper Resistant Security Module (TRSM) delivers PCI-PTS* compliance and anti-skimming capability.
  • HCR is Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) certified.

Upgrade your dispensers with ease

  • Retrofit uses the existing bolt pattern from the previous FlexPay Secure Card Reader (SCR) for quick installation and minimum downtime.
  • HCR integrates with the FlexPay II CRIND: available on Encore® 700 S dispensers and any Gilbarco dispenser that has been upgraded with a FlexPay II CRIND® Retrofit Kit.

Promote fueling consumer satisfaction

  • This EMV Level 1 hybrid reader captures both integrated chip card (ICC) and magnetic stripe card transactions for flexibility and ease of use.


  • Factory Installed
    • Encore S
    • Retrofit Kits (with FlexPay II CRIND upgrade)
  • Retrofit Kits
    • Encore S, Encore 500, Encore 300, The Advantage
  • Field upgrade to Encore 700 S or FlexPay II CRIND units already installed


  • -30°C to 70°C operating temperature
  • 10% – 95% relative humidity

Regulatory/Governmental Approvals:

  • EMVCo
  • UL
  • FCC