ADA-Compliant FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) | Retrofit

ADA-Compliant FlexPay EPP Retrofit

ADA Compliant Card Reader Retrofit Kit

Gilbarco offers the industry’s only retrofit solution that is both ADA and PCI compliant allowing you to continue accepting PIN-based debit transactions in a fairly cost effective way. Gilbarco Advantage dispensers comply with both sets of requirements, and Gilbarco’s FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pads (EPP) essentially gives you the best PCI upgrade in a fairly cost effective manner. 

It’s the most cost-effective way to comply with both sets of requirements and still get the best PCI upgrade in the business with Gilbarco’s FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pads (EPP).


Easy to install

  • Retrofit uses the existing bolt pattern from our previous ADA-compliant keypad.

Easy to use

  • Keypad is located within the height requirements of ADA to enable access by people with disabilities as well as typical users.

Enables continued acceptance of PIN-based debit

  • The associated cost savings at your dispensers with our PCI-certified FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad.

The most cost-effective solution

  • Provides ADA and PCI EPP compliance at a reasonable cost, extending your ROI in The Advantage dispensers.

The most flexible solution

  • Maintains two card readers and auxiliary keypads to help users of all heights swipe their cards and indicate payment method and location, such as “Pay Here Credit.” All consumers use the Encrypting PIN Pad in the ADA location for PIN-based debit transactions.

Superior quality and performance

  • Built into every ADA FlexPay EPP retrofit and they are supported by the industry’s best warranty and most comprehensive network of Authorized Service Contractors.


Regulatory/Governmental Approvals:

  • UL, cUL
  • Measurement Canada, Weights & Measures, FCC
  • Americans with Disabilities Act


  • -22º F to 158º F / 95% Relative Humidity
  • A heater option is available to avoid ice accumulation.


  • SDES and TDES capable
  • 8 option keys available
  • Local encryption of PIN pad
  • Remote key loading
  • Standard buttons and color indicators

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