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Media at the Pump

Applause™ TV is media at the pump. It entertains and engages your customers while they’re on your forecourt – driving them into your store to purchase high margin items.


Applause TV is advertising for you, by you, at your pumps! The system rotates through ads, all varying by content and by time of day. For instance, at 7am an ad for breakfast sandwich can appear or at 5pm a promotion for lottery tickets. It’s all adjusted to the time of day and preference!

Proven Results

Market research conducted at a large Southeast retailer proved that Applause TV generate sales growth! The results clearly showed that Applause TV drove customers into the convenience store and generated additional purchases with up to a 39% increase on promoted items. Contact us for more information and study details.

Color Screens

Large color screens enhance the fueling experience with audio, full motion video and couponing. Available in 10.4" for maximum viewing at the pump and on the forecourt.

One Investment, Multiple Returns

Make the most of your EMV transition by adding Applause TV. The system utilizes the same connectivity hardware and software required for EMV transaction processing.

  • Managed by a professional media company – no additional retailer resources required.
  • Entertainment from more than 25 leading content providers and dynamic audio/video capabilities improves site image, customer loyalty, and store traffic.
  • Store-specific advertisement (included in the loop) drives retail sales.
  • On-demand couponing brings the customer into the store instantly.
  • Internet Connectivity Requirements
    • High speed broadband connection required
    • Ethernet, DSL, Satellite, or cable/modem
  • Hardware Requirements
    • Applause™ Media System (server, dispenser connectivity)
    • Color Screens


Dispenser Compatibility

Applause can be factory-installed to support media in new Encore 700 S dispensers or in FlexPay II retrofit kits for existing Encore 300, 500 or Advantage models. For customers interested in content on third party dispenser, refer to Gilbarco’s Secure PumpPAY product offering.