Play at the Pump

play at the pump


Play at the Pump: 

Make it easier for customers to try their luck at the lottery with Play at the Pump. By making quick pick lottery tickets more available to customers on the forecourt, your business has the potential to bring in more sales. Play at the Pump with Linq3 lets you sell lottery tickets directly from the pump with your Passport point of sale and help customers skip the line and indulge on that impulse buy.

When a customer pulls into a c-store’s forecourt to refuel their vehicle, before the gas is dispensed, the dispenser will ask if a customer is interested in buying a ticket. From that point, if a customer is interested, they press Accept, and then pay with a debit card (not available to purchase with a credit card). It is that simple!

The customer will then have the option to print or text their lottery numbers. If a customer wins below $600, the money is transferred right into the card used to purchase the ticket. However, if it is above $600, the customer must go to a local lottery office to receive winnings.

*Lottery at the pump is currently active in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Missouri, and California