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Passport for Europe

  • Superior usability
    An intuitive, intelligent touch-screen interface that dramatically reduces c-store POS systems training time, errors and shrinkage.
  • Seamless connectivity and standardization
    Can connect with more dispensers, tank gauges, third parties back office and remotely hosted ERP/head offices systems.
  • Powerful business information and security features
    Providing dynamic retail and wetstock reporting and tracking mechanism.
  • PCI approval for the EMV FlexPay generation of payment terminals.
  • Sophisticated business growth tools
    Including fuels discounting, merchandise options, promotions and OLAP reporting.
  • Easy expandability and maintenance
    Passport's modular structure and optional software maintenance agreements mean you can buy only what you need today and expand as needed.

Retail stock management

  • Easy order generation and population of order lists.
  • Possibilities of mobile BOS systems.
  • Inventory management and stock in/out checks.

Fuel stock management

  • Fully integrated wet stock level management.
  • Unattended deliveries.

Reduce forecourt congestion

  • Numerous payment options, including OPT, Pay@Pump and POS.
  • Continuous fueling with the ability to handle up to six transactions on one dispenser

Payment and loyalty

  • Multiple payment options including outdoor payment, card and cash payments and other payment modes.

Regulation / security

  • EMV approval systems in UK, Italy, Finland and Canada.
  • Fiscal and weights & measures approvals in several countries

Improving communications

  • Drive additional business with tailored promotions and couponing.
  • Improved communication enhancing customer experience.
  • Trusted & retail hardened, over 8,000 systems installed across the world.
  • Centralized business control Supports multiple POS and BOS operations both locally or company controlled.
  • Information flow to and from the oil companies include sales, fuel levels, deliveries, unit prices and promotions