Impulse™ Countertop Merchandising

Impulse™ Countertop Merchandising

Engage your customer and increase sales

Engagement is just as important as customer service when it comes to your business - you can even say both aspects go hand-in-hand. Many businesses are implementing strategies that help them engage with their customer base in order to increase loyalty, customer satisfaction and more obviously – profits. Gilbarco’s upselling solution – Impulse – can provide a strategy created specifically for your c-store so that you can elevate the customer experience, improve brand image and create loyal customers for a profitable outcome.

What can Impulse do for you?

Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s countertop merchandising platform, Impulse, is the perfect way for your c-store to start the engagement process with customers. According to case studies, Impulse has been known to increase sales by 3-5% through these benefits below:

  • Pricebook Integration. Impulse is the best way to grow your business. It can automatically upsell customers with targeted merchandise as well as deliver powerful, same-store, market-basket analytics to create relevant upselling combinations. With this kind of insight, you will have the building blocks in understanding your customer demand.

  • Digitalization. Take your c-store to the next level by replacing physical punch cards with a digitalized loyalty program. Impulse’s proprietary “affinity engine” makes personal recommendations based on either loyalty club info or on items scanned. It then automatically performs analytics and displays suggested product(s) for the customer on the customer-facing touch screen. Additionally, it prompts the cashier with the same information and gives another upselling opportunity.

  • Entertain. Impulse offers interactive gaming, post-transaction surveys and manual promotions to take engagement at the register to the next level. Along with offering eye-catching promotions on a 10.1” screen, customers interact with Impulse when purchasing an item or service. It is a great way to build your brand and create loyal customers who want to be entertained.

The Hardware

Impulse™ comes with the following components:

  1. Customer-Facing Screen
  2. Cashier-Facing Screen
  3. Pole Mount
  4. Mini-Merge Box