Did you know that the dispenser purchasing price only represents roughly 33% of the Total cost of Ownership over a 10 year period? This includes fuel lost due to theft and/or meter drift along with costs of maintaining the dispenser**. Because a dispenser is more than a 10 year investment, Gilbarco Veeder-Root ensures every Horizon component is engineered and constructed for reliability and longevity in any environment. Horizon saves you the most money over the long-run.

Investment Protection Superior components designed to eliminate loss

  • The world’s lowest drift positive displacement meter
  • Secure, Intelligent Pulser prevents theft/fraud

Dependable High quality parts and build for a more reliable dispenser

  • Superior electronics increase uptime
  • Proven components used in over 200,000 sites around the world

Timeless Image

Elegant image attracts customers over the life of the dispenser.

  • Standard 4-year corrosion warranty
  • Minimize your image refresh costs

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Timeless and reliable, the Horizon is a flexible solution for your forecourt needs, maximising uptime and built to last in the most challenging of environments.

Dependable Electronics

  • Tested at -40°C to +70°C, with 95% RH
  • No information lost during power outages

Attractive and Long-lasting Image

  • Polycarbonate upper door and Polyester coated lower door decal prevent rust
  • Standard 4-year corrosion warranty on exterior surfaces
  • Unlimited custom graphic options

Low Drift Metering

  • V+ is the most accurate and lowest drift positive displacement meter in the world
  • Fixed stroke length by design
  • Highly tuned, wear resistant materials

Enhanced, Secure Pulser

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Lift-off detection
  • Physically secure
Pump Unit Gilbarco Veeder-Root global pumping unit
Computer Display Gilbarco Veeder Root Sandpiper electronics
Dimensions 1300 (W) x 2434 (H) x 885 (D) mm
Temperature Range -30°C to + 40°C
Meter V+ Meter