September 2022

Vontier Completes Acquisition of Invenco

Raleigh, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Vontier Corporation (“Vontier”) (NYSE: VNT) announced today that it completed its previously announced acquisition of Invenco, a leading global provider of open platform retailing and payment hardware and software solutions.

15 Ways to Prevent Gas Theft at Your Station

15 Ways to Prevent Gas Theft at Your Station

Higher fuel prices are spurring increased attempts by criminals to steal fuel. Essentially all fraud involving tampering requires access to the equipment, undetected altering of hardware, and knowledge of electronics, no matter what brand of dispenser is involved.

New years resolution to use self checkout

Top 4 New Year's Resolutions for C-Store Owners in 2022

We’re almost a month into the new year. According to a study, 64% of us will apparently abandon our New Year’s resolutions within a month, so we thought we’d share some new ideas to replace the ones you didn’t quite keep up with.

everse blog

Top Questions from NACS About EV Charging at Convenience Stores

One of the hottest topics at the 2021 NACS show was e-Mobility, so let’s unpack your most frequently asked questions about EV charging in the convenience store environment. Is there a universal plug that works for all vehicles? No. There are three common types of plugs:

c store movie

What movie would your gas station be featured in?

You may not realize it, but gas stations have been the sets for dozens and dozens of movies. Which begs the question: If your store was in a movie, which one would it be? Take the quiz below and wonder no more!

emv fuel dispenser

What’s In It for Me? 5 Benefits of Outdoor EMV

When it comes to outdoor EMV, we all know the costs and consequences of not upgrading. And sure, when you upgrade, you’re protecting consumers from fraud and avoiding chargebacks - that's the goal.

emv myths debunked

6 Myths DEBUNKED About Outdoor EMV Upgrades

For those who haven’t upgraded, we hear a variety of reasons for the delay. Our expert EMV team is here to debunk the myths and spread the truth. Myth #1: EMV is just too expensive and I can’t justify the cost.

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Skip the Chip? 3 Consequences to Ignoring EMV

The calm before the storm. That’s what you’re feeling right now if you’re a retailer without an EMV-compliant forecourt. That’s because the flood of chargebacks is on the horizon and rising fast. 1. The Chargebacks Are Coming

emv deadline for c stores

So You Missed the EMV Deadline, What Now?

At long last, the outdoor EMV deadline for the U.S. has passed, but that doesn’t mean the story is over yet. From now on, chargebacks from fraud that occurs on unprotected forecourts are now the responsibility of the retailer, not the banks.

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Long Lines? Here's What Customers Think About Them

Do long lines plague your stores? Your customers might just be posting about it on the internet. We took a deep dive into Twitter to see what people think when they’re forced to wait in long lines. Here’s what we found.

gilbarco makes investment in driivz

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Makes Ancillary Investment in Driivz

Driivz is a leading global provider of end-to-end EV charging and energy management software  Volvo Group Venture Capital joined as a new investor alongside Gilbarco Veeder-Root in this financing round     Gilbarco Veeder-Root (GVR) announced today that it has signed a

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Contactless Payment Momentum Will Remain Post-Pandemic

Contactless payments were becoming the norm before we even knew about COVID-19, but there’s no question the pandemic has boosted adoption rates – and now it’s showing up in the data. Let’s look at the numbers and what it means for convenience stores.


These are the Top States for EV Charging

For years, the question for convenience stores about electric vehicle charging has been about “when” to get started. Today, the question is all about “where” and a new study may inspire some c-store operators to get started sooner than later.

maplefields gas station and ev charger station

The Drive: Chapter Five Sneak Peek – Maplefields

A new chapter of The Drive is upon us! We’re so excited to show you another unique and successful c-store operation – next week. The Drive highlights strategies that the best c-store operators use to get ahead.

emv fine

Skipping on EMV? Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You…

If you’re not going to upgrade to EMV, you should at least know what you’re signing up for when the day comes that your store is hit with fraud after the 2021 deadline. The news is full of skimming stories, but the real cost to the retailer comes in the form of chargebacks.

movies with gilbarco pumps

7 Movies with Gilbarco Gas Pumps

We know most people in our industry are essential workers out on the front lines. But those people eventually go home…and stay home…until it’s time to work again. Streaming is getting stale, so here’s a new spin.

how to run a c store

How to Run a C-Store: 5 Steps

Why is it that two gas stations can be located across the street from each other, yet one business far outperforms the other? What are the secrets that put growth into overdrive?

covid-19 cleaning pos

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidelines for Point-of-Sale Systems

As essential businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, gas stations and convenience stores must take new safety precautions for every aspect of their operation – especially high contact touchpoints like POS (point-of-sale) systems and PIN pads.

covid-19 blog

COVID-19 Update

Gilbarco Veeder-Root is closely monitoring updates regarding COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our employees and to minimize the impact on our customers.

food truck blog

Recipe for Success: Local Food Truck Partnerships

By now, we’re all very aware there’s an appetite for real food from gas stations and convenience stores. Even CNN is going after Chevy Chase’s take on gas station food from the 1980’s classic “National Lampoon's Vacation.”

self checkout

The Next Frontier of Frictionless Retail

GVR Expert Speaks at NATSO Connect 2020 on Benefits of Smoothing Friction at Travel Centers The next frontier for the frictionless retail revolution is – travel centers.

slow flow

Tips for Better Flow on Your Forecourt

What’s the biggest complaint consumers have about gas stations? Take a quick look around the internet and you’ll find out right away. It’s all about flow.

pricing update

Important Pricing Notice

On July 6th, US Trade Representative Section 301 imposed an additional 25% duties on certain imported items from China.  This is in addition to the tariff increase on imported steel and aluminum announced in March.

Pump ROI

Does Upgrading Pumps Pay Off?

Here’s a quick checklist to determine if investing in upgrading your pumps is a good investment. Richard Browne, Vice-President Marketing, Patriot Capital

PX52 Hardware: Support ending for upcoming release in March 2018

At Gilbarco Veeder-Root, we are committed to maintaining service and support for all our solutions for the full extent of their hardware lifecycles. This support continues until we can no longer provide spare parts, or when significant technological advances dictate otherwise.

data thief

“Rattling” Is Not the Solution to Beating Skimmers

As can easily be seen in the news, credit card skimming at gas stations continues to be an issue the retail fueling industry faces. Since thieves seek high-traffic operations to accumulate the most data, gas stations tend to be a prime target.

2017 Retail Technology Conference

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has been hosting the Retail Technology Conference for years. It initially began as a Passport User Group with 30 participants.

How Well Do You Know Your Millennial Customer?

The “Millennial Generation" – loosely defined as those born from 1982 to 2000 – comprise a quarter of the country’s population and they are an increasingly important segment for C-stores for two simple reasons – convenience and price, according to chief food industry analyst at

Why You Shouldn't Delay Upgrading to EMV

The EMV implementation extension is the biggest topic in the fueling industry. Despite the floating viewpoints about this new 2020 deadline, the truth remains – the EMV liability shift is not going away.

customer satisfaction

Cheaper is Better – Right?

You may think having any marketing strategy is useless if customers only care about finding the cheapest deal; however, you would be surprised on how many people value more than just a better price tag.

Sit or Squat? What label does your c-store have?

Most people have at least one fear in their life. Though everyone's fear is relative, society tends to share some of the same concerns. A common fear centers around the cleanliness of a bathroom.

emv security

3 Core Reasons Why EMV Still Matters

Recently, the card brands surprised many in the industry by announcing the decision to delay the forecourt EMV liability shift to October 1st, 2020 from the original October 2017 date.  While this delay provides retailers with additional time to upgrade to EMV, EMV upgrades are l

Taking Advantage of Impulsivity in Your C-Store

Consumerism is a large part of the American identity that is based on providing people products and services they want. While society changes, their demands will also alter causing businesses to consistently update methods to stay relevant and reach customers.

Long Term Bullseye

5 C-store Essentials to Long-Term Success

Some individuals may think it easier to stay with the status quo than change. However, what if your forecourt is losing money and customers – doesn’t it make sense to make some changes?


Host a Sweepstakes - 5 Tips for Success

Aloha Petroleum Ltd. in Hawaii, Thorntons Inc., Turkey Hill Minit Markets in Pennsylvania have already embarked on offering a sweepstakes of free gas for one year to winner(s) of their Sweepstakes competition.

The 2016 NACS Buzz – The Gilbarco Perspective

The 2016 National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) trade show was recently held in Atlanta, Georgia at the World Convention Center.  The facility was the perfect size to house a record breaking number of attendees (more than 23,000) and over 1,200 exhibitors.

Loyalty programs…A Nuisance?

We are in a new age. Paper, though not obsolete, is being used less for daily tasks. Where once we printed menus, now we can instantly update our digital menu boards from a back office.

Battle Diesel’s HUM Bugs for C-store Dispensers

Although the Ultra-low Sulphur diesel is better for the environment, like anything organic, there are dependent organisms that can arise from it. When it comes to diesel fuel, humbugs are that organism.

EMV vs. Magnetic Stripe Cards. Why Care?

Security, chips, EMV. These are the words you hear tossed around when it comes to payment. Sometimes, instead of helping to solve the question of how merchants can keep customers safe from fraud, these words can prompt more questions and homework.

food options

Should Your C-Store Add a Food Service Option?

Fast food has always led the market in offering ready-prepared meals hot and ready for each customer that passes through via car or by foot. With a fast-paced lifestyle, some hard workers find it difficult to find the time or strength to break out their recipes after work for their family.

Build Your C-store Brand through Mobile Pay

With more than one million customers purchasing their products and services on their phones, merchants of all sizes are warming up to mobile payment technology, according to The Motley Fool.

Digital Menu

The New Age of C-Store Menus: Digital Signage

Wouldn’t it be nice to display targeted information to specific audiences at a specific place and time? Digital signage is the upcoming platform trending today. By moving to a digital platform to display information, any owner can customize and update the board quickly and inexpensively.

Is there an ROI on C-Store Consumer Experience?

It’s easy to prove ROI of a merchandising product by the sales increase it creates. It’s much more difficult to prove the ROI of the consumer experience. But just because it’s difficult to prove, does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Retail Technology Trends Revealed at RTC

Retailers value Gilbarco’s Retail Technology Conference every year for covering technology trends.  Scott Lachut - President of Research and Strategy at PSFK – spoke at the 2015 conference about The Future of Retail: Trends to Act On.  In this engaging ses

The EMV Upgrade Decision: What you need to know

We’re less than two years away from the October 2017 EMV liability shift for fuel dispensers, and most large convenience store retailers are well into the planning and deployment phases of upgrading their forecourts with EMV capable equipment.  These early-movers understand that the impact

Automating Media at Your C-Store

Our industry is in the midst of media revolution and we are all along for the ride.  Retailers continue to implement and look for new ways to influence the buying habits of their customers through a connected and complimentary digital experience.  While the idea of deploying directed media

Flooding Recovery – Quick Reminders

Our industry is in the midst of media revolution and we are all along for the ride.  Retailers continue to implement and look for new ways to influence the buying