We believe that with the number of sites requiring upgrades and the limited number of installation technicians, the longer you wait, the longer you’re going to wait! Manufacturing, component, technician, and many other capacity constraints could impact your ability to meet migration deadlines!

Gilbarco recommends you start now and get in line first. As the EMV changeover spreads globally, the U.S. deadline for the forecourt has been extended to October 2020.

Complying with the EMV regulation will result in:

  • Reduced cost of chargebacks by avoiding the liability shift
  • Mitigating fraud at your site(s)
  • Enhancing customer information security
  • Protecting your brand

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What does EMV approval mean to the retailer?

EMV approval is granted on three levels:

  1. Hardware compliance (devices) – Hardware manufacturers must have certifications on their payment hardware confirming their capability to accept and process EMV transactions.
  2. Software compliance (inside the device) – Device manufacturers must also have software on their devices that is certified to accept and process EMV transactions.
  3. Certification with the fuel brand or network – Devices in a payment ecosystem must be certified together either via a major oil or payment processing network prior to being able to accept EMV transactions in the field.

Interested in Learning More?

Download our Frequently Asked Questions for EMV Migration


Replace or Retrofit Older Dispensers?

Reasons for Replacing Older Dispensers:

  • Increasing Cost of Maintenance: As dispensers age, the average cost of maintaining the pump equipment/hydraulics can increase over time due to normal wear and tear on the equipment.
    • Globally, we have seen that dispensers in the field longer than 8 years have higher than average maintenance costs.
    • This cost can justify the purchase of a new dispenser versus retrofitting an older dispenser.
  • Improved Site Image: Purchasing new dispensers can also improve the image of the site and make it more desirable for customers.
  • Increased Traffic: Globally, we have seen that enhanced and modernized sites drive increased traffic


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